Black Angel's Death Song

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Bio (By Jack Gould)

Black Angel's Death Song for all intents and purposes was a creative partnership between myself and fellow songwriter/guitarist Jim Miller. We settled on the name of the band because we could not agree on anything else. For the few the proud and the brave who "got" musical reference (The Black Angel's Death Song is a track from the first Velvet Underground LP) it clued the listener in to expect something eclectic, noisy, poppy, rockist, anarchic and challenging. For those who didn't get the reference the name engendered much confusion, as the band would occasionally look up a gig listing in a local paper while on tour only to discover that Black Angel was playing on the 29th opening for Death Song. The 's seemed to be an immense challenge for booking agents across the land. SO much so that our second national tour was named the 'S tour in a vain attempt to help the grammatically challenged copy editors of Underground Amerika. I think both Jim and I came to regret our long and unwieldy name but by that time we had already started releasing records and touring and didn't want to revisit the original nightmare of band naming, which to my mind is only a slightly less harder procedure than turning lead into gold.

Over a seven and a half year period we recorded 4 albums worth of material, the first two, Brett and Sinning with a Policy were released on a single CD, a great deal of the Brett tracks had already been released as 7 inch singles (the early 90's being the great swan song of the seven inch indie single). Our second album (some say our masterpiece) Due Ragazze, which came out in 1994 was next, and our final album, 1996's Supereverything ended our musical journey on a cohesive, focused and well written note.


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