Such a cool game. But let's face it, just playing the game normally all the way thru gets boring after the 427th time, so you try to do stuff. This page is for odd things you can do in the game. Some are useful tricks, others are just stupid. These are all real, undoctored screenshots I took.

This first one is actually not all that stupid, but STOOPID fresh! You probably know about how there's a secret area in the "snow level" area building which is pretty tricky to get into.. and in the US version, there ain't even anything there! That kinda bummed me out when I finally made it in there years ago. But in the Japanese version, there's a bunch of cool shit in there. Click on the pic below to check out the shot I took.. (First you may want to try to get to the room yourself, so don't click the pic unless you want to spoil the surprise of what's up there.)

the secret room!!!

Man, now that was damn cool when I found that! (I bet Hal put that stuff in there. What a good soldier he was, God rest his soul.) I obviously wasn't the first person to find it, but I had no idea what was up there besides the 1up on the bottom.
It kinda makes you wonder if there are other hidden secret rooms in the game like this one. Probably not, but it's cool to think about.

Here's an old one, but one I just finally accomplished not too long ago. It's getting past the barrier in that one Neutral level without shooting. Takes a lot of tricky swinging to get under it.

ha ha, i didn't hafta shoot!

Ok, i think this is level 11. The one with lots of fire pits. Just for the heck of it, I tried for a damn long time to get up on one of those orange things you gotta swing from. After about a half-hour, the below pic was as close as I could get.

let me up there, bitch!

I was trying to get into the blue part. I could get a little higher while swinging, but that pic is the farthest I could get and "rest". One time i was actually able to swing enough to where i got my whole body into the blue, but the game wouldn't let me stand there, it just kept knocking me out. (the game doesn't have a real 'pause' button, so i couldn't think fast enough to get a screenshot of that)

Look at how close you can get to these guys and not get hit! They even shoot behind you!

SPOILER ALERT.. these last two are from the end of the game.. so you might want to click the back button if you haven't beaten the game yet.

Getting past the helicopter's machine gun: very tricky to do, but can be done. Pointless, however, since you can't go anywhere.

btw, you can also swing over Hal and not get the bazooka, but you won't be able to blow up the helicopter without it, so again, pointless.

This one's easy and stupid. Dying at the very very very end of the game. Ya gotta time it perfectly to lie down on the top platform, though.

poor, bc! so close!

other stuff you can do to make the game more interesting...

- I usually use the 'rocket launcher' for every level possible. You probably do too, huh? Well try to play the entire game using only the normal gun. On the levels where you have to break a certain barrier.. break it with the special gun, then push A-B-Start together to exit, then return with the normal gun. Makes the game a little trickier, but it's still definitely possible. At the very end, you still have to use Hal's bazooka, of course.

- Obviously, another challenge is to do area 4 without using the flares.

- Never selecting the health medicine could also make things harder for you.