The following is a communication that I recently picked up on my delta communicator.

Hal: Bionic Commando is Rad.

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: I agree, Bionic Commando is rad!

Hal: No, I meant his name is Rad.

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: Oh really? What is it?

Hal: I just told you, it's Rad!

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: Well if it's so rad, why don't you tell me what it is?

Hal: His name is Rad!!

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: Dude, stop teasing me! If his name is so fuckin radical, I want to know what it is! Tell me!!

Hal: [pause] ... Forget it, his name is Ladd, all right?

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: I don't see what's so rad about that. Is he Scottish or something?

Hal: grrrrr..... [storms off in disgust]

The 'Don't Be Hasty' Guy: Don't be hasty. Advance with caution!