Maniac Mansion : Zombie Hack

Maniac Mansion : Zombie Hack is a hack of the NES game Maniac Mansion with jacked up graphics and dialog. It's supposed to play sorta like a sequel. Here's the storyline:

Just after rescuing Sandy and saving Dr. Fred from the control of the meteor, something was amiss. The kids, and even the Edisons, could feel something wrong with their bodies. The power of Zom-B-Matic machine, coupled with the lingering radiation throughout the property, combined to have a horrific effect... it turned them all into hideous ZOMBIES!! Wretched and deformed! Mangled shells of their former selves. And so, the game is no longer a rescue mission, but rather a revenge attack! The goal is to blow up the house, destroying Dr. Fred and the other zombies, including yourself. So go, take them all to hell with you!

I'm hesitant to post screenshots because they'd be spoilers. The target audience for this game is diehard Maniac Mansion fans: People who love the original game and would appreciate a fresh spin on it. It's also somewhat of a "challenge hack", making the game a bit tougher since a lot of the dialog and items (i.e., keys) are altered, making it trickier to know what's going on.

This game includes a lot of toilet humor and profanity. It's dumb and silly and hopefully gets a few laughs.

other notes: Razor and Wendy were spared from being physically turned into zombies (apparently Dr. Fred wanted to keep them attractive for his own perverted pleasure), but inside, their minds have mushed into zombies like everyone else. Oh, and also, the kids all changed their names.. In tribute to the people they used to be before succumbing to such a terrible fate. i guess.

history: I started working on this hack way back in 2004, then after doing the bulk of it, sorta gave up on it, but still messed with it once in a blue moon. Finally called it good in August 2008. If there are any future updates, I'll mention it right here.

download the rom: Mansion Zombie Hack.nes

getting started:
Not familiar with emulation? It's basically just playing video games on your computer that weren't meant to be played on computer. You'll need a program called a NES emulator to play this game. You can find emulators, as well as a bunch more info on this kinda stuff at Probably the most popular NES emulator out there is NESticle.. however, I've found that sometimes NESticle sucks for Maniac Mansion (mainly, the sound is jacked up depending on Windows/your drivers). FCE Ultra is another good NES emulator. (Mac users, try RockNES.)
So anyways.. navigate some of the links in the above paragraph to learn/download what you need. Then download the game ROM (on this page, above).. unzip the emulator.. Open the emulator, configure your input/controller (use your keyboard if you don't have a gamepad/joystick.).. and then you're ready to go.

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