From an October 98 edition of Melody Maker.
Name: Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev
Band: Nirvana
Venue: The Vogue, Seattle, 1989

'It was The Clancy Brothers when I was three or four. [Editors note - first band to
popularise traditional Irish music in America]. There was a lot of shouting, but I was too
young to really grasp what was going on. I do remember a lot of people acting
strangely, and my parents just saying 'They've drank a lot of beer and that's how
people react to alcohol'.
But apart from that, well, it wasn't necessarily one of the first shows I saw, but when I
was in the Flaming Lips we played a show with Nirvana. It was quite early on, before
they had broken through. It was around the time 'Bleach' came out. I think that Nirvana
went on first and we headlined this small club in Seattle.
We didn't know much about Nirvana, but it was this heavy guitar rock, y'know, the
beginnings of grunge, and there was no band like them at the time. I remember
thinking 'this is really strange'.
The crowd started getting into it, tipping up the PA and stuff, this was before we'd
gone on or before anyone had heard of Nirvana. And we thought 'this is out of control,
where could this possibly have come from?' It's something I'll never forget, it left such
an impression on my mind.'