Before The War - Mercury Rev Discography

Compilations - part 1: exclusive tracks

Various Artist releases that feature Mercury Rev songs that (for the most part) aren't available elsewhere.

Rough Diamonds vol. 1 -- Rough Trade 1993 -- Japanese cd
ID# TDCN-5008
includes: "If You Want Me To Stay" and "The Left-Handed Raygun of Paul Sharits (Retirement Just Like That)"
Comp of the Rough Trade singles club. Same tracks as the Rough Trade 7". Only CD release of "..Paul Sharits" so far.
They misspell the band's name on the back as "MERCURRY REV"

Bonk This -- Columbia Records promo cassette sampler (CAT 5376)
includes: "Trickle Down (clean version)"
This is just a censored version of the album version.

The Request Audio Files Radio Show
-- cd
includes: "Car Wash Hair" live session from Nov 13, 1995, plus interview clip from Jonathan
Nice acoustic version of "Car Wash Hair"

Crash Course for the Ravers: A Tribute to the Songs of David Bowie -- 1996 Undercover Records
ID# UNCV0002
includes: "The Sun Machine (Memory of a Free Festival)"
liner notes: "Suzanne and Grasshopper made this song in Kingston N.Y."
Although credited to Mercury Rev, it could have easily been labeled as Grasshopper & The Golden Crickets. Good track, though.
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Superbad at 65: A Tribute to James Brown (AKA Superbad at 70) -- 1998 Zero Hour
Featuring Carmen Quinones with Mercury Rev
includes: "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World"
Similar feel to the second Harmony Rockets cd. Carmen provides the vocals. You probably wouldn't even recognize this as a Mercury Rev track if it weren't labeled as such. But again, good track.
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Alternative Music Sampler -- May 1998 promo cd
includes: "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World"

Morning Becomes Eclectic -- 1999 Mammoth Records
ID#354 980 209-2
includes: "Opus 40" live on KCRW, April 6, 1999
Excellent acoustic version of "Opus 40".
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2 Meter Session, Vol. 8 -- cd
includes: "Opus 40" live from Dutch Meter Session, Feb 7, 1999

Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.4 -- cd free with Uncut magazine
includes: "Holes" live from Later With Jools, '99

Launch - Number 28 -- CD-ROM -- 1999
includes: "Holes" live in Austin, TX '99, plus interview with Jonathan and Grasshopper
"The lush, expansive melodies of Mercury Rev come to you live as the band's Jonathon Donahue and Grasshopper showcase their new Deserter's Songs."

Circuit, Vol. 11 -- DVD -- volume 1.3 -- 1999
includes: "Opus 40" live in Austin, TX '99, plus short band documentary
Alex says, "Circut is a multimedia music magazine that has lots of crappy commercials but volume 1.3 includes a live video of Opus 40 from Austin TX - 6 min. includes the incredible extended jam/freakout section at the end (sorry, no Once in a Lifetime lyrics). Video quality is pretty dark and shadowy so you don't get to see much of the band. Plus, Mercury Rev goes thrift shopping - 3 min. short showing the band goofing off and buying some trinkets from a retro thrift shop (the guys seem to know their belt buckles). The DVD also includes a couple Flaming Lips songs."

The XFM 104.9 Live Sessions -- Jan 2000
Select magazine free 14-trk compilation CD of rare/exclusive performances
includes: "Tonite It Shows" (recorded live for XFM)
Nice acoustic version, prefaced with a quick story from Jonathan. The CD also includes a couple Flaming Lips songs (deja vu!).

Exclusives -- cd free with NME, Oct 6, 2001
includes: "Tides of the Moon" (live at the Reading Festival 26Aug01)

Laurel Canyon
-- soundtrack -- March 2003 -- Hollywood Records 162392
includes: "In a Funny Way"
Exclusive track. I believe leftover from the All Is Dream sessions. It would later appear on The Secret Migration, albeit with a shortened ending.
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Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered, Covered -- tribute album -- September 2004 -- Gammon Records
includes: "Blue Clouds"
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Back To Mine: Mercury Rev -- compilation put together by Mercury Rev -- 2006 -- DMC Records
includes: "Cecilia's Lunar Exposť"
From the liner notes: "This is a[n instrumental] track we recorded back in 1996 after our album SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE. It is dedicated to the Swedish Space Program."

Oui Fm Rock Acoustic -- 2006 -- V2 Music
includes: "Cortez The Killer"
Acoustic French radio session. Neil Young cover.

Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy -- 2009 -- Mezzotint
includes: "Sailors and Animals"
Miracle Legion cover.