Before The War - Mercury Rev Discography

Compilations - part 2: non-exclusive tracks

Various Artist releases that feature Mercury Rev songs that can also be found on their albums or singles. Many of these are promo-only releases, meaning they were basically made to be given to radio stations, or to be given out free with purchase of a magazine or something.

The Catalogue
-- flexi 7'' -- 1991
includes: "Dripping" (Syringe Mouth)
This is a square flexi with "syringe mouth" on it which was free with the January 1991 issue of a magazine called 'the catalogue' (issue number 88).
Nicky says... if i'm right in my calculations this means that this is the very first rev release - ever! which i'm quite chuffed to have. this is also borne out by the fact that syringe mouth is titled 'dripping' on the disk, suggesting that they hadn't even decided on titles by this stage. (the flexi also had 3 other bands on it, all on the mint label).

Mint Humbucker : The Mint Label Family Album -- 2001 cd -- MINTCD44
includes: "Chasing A Bee" and "Car Wash Hair"
Jungle Records very informative page for it

Pick This -- 1992 Epic/Columbia/Chaos sampler
includes: "Chasing A Bee"

New Route Sampler 5 -- New Route Magazine cassette sampler
includes: "Chasing A Bee"

Independent 20 vol. 14 -- 1993 -- Dutch East 5237
includes: "Car Wash Hair (the bee’s chasing me) full pull"
I think a "Best of Independent 20" was later released, also with this track.

Genrecide: A Compilation, Volume 1 -- 1993 Columbia
includes: "Coney Island Cyclone"
Purchase links: Amazon

Lollapalooza '93 sampler -- 1993 -- CSK 5256
includes: "Something For Joey"

Greenpeace Support -- 1993 Beggar's Banquet split 7'' vinyl w/ Spiritualized
Beggars Banquet/Greenpeace 001
includes: "Boys Peel Out" (live '93)
Spiritualized side is "Good Dope, Good Fun" b/w Mercury Rev "Boys Peel Out" (live '93), I believe the same version which can be found on the Something For Joey single. Also includes the tour playbill with pyschedelic photos and a Greenpeace manifesto.

Melody Maker: five alive take three -- free tape with October 9, 1993 issue
includes: "Very Sleepy Rivers" (live '93)
Same version that's a b-side on the Something For Joey single.

Deafening Divinities Vol. 2 - Beggars Banqudt sampler
CAT# SPV 055-4888-2
includes: "Boys Peel Out"

The Singles Collection - including rare b-sides -- double CD Beggars Banquet, Germany 1994 (CAT # SPV 086 -45662)
includes: "Something For Joey" on the first disc of singles.
includes: "Suzanne Peels Out" on bonus disc of non album tracks.

"Suzanne Peels Out" is a demo version of "Boys Peel Out" which can also be found on the Bronx Cheer single.

Chrystalis - M.C. Maguire (?)-- 1993 cd
includes: "Bronx Cheer"

Dining Hall Classics -- 1993 Epic Records cd
includes: "Something For Joey"

Monsters, Robots and Bugmen - virgin 2cd of great post-rock/weird stuff.
includes: "Everlasting Arm"

This Ain't No Sippin' Tea -- Beggars Banquet -- 1996
includes: "Young Man's Stride"

PSPYCHED - The Secret Underworld of Alternative Nuggets -- Beggar Banquet -- 1999
CAT# BBP-2024-CD
includes: "Young Man's Stride" and a Shady song ("Sugar Sugar Sugar").

Standard Deviations --1997 V2 sampler CD
ID# V2ADV-27005-2
includes: "Rag Tag (Opening Theme Music)"
liner notes: "PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material of an unspecified length ©1997 Jonathan Donohue & Sean Macowiak"
This was the first Rev track released by V2. It was later released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Deserter's Songs and as a b-side to the first Goddess On A Hiway single.

Music Monitor Network -- sampler cd
includes: "Rag Tag"

Sound Collector free CD
includes: "Ragtag"

Q, The Music 8 -- cd free to Q Magazine Subscribers
includes: "Hudson Line"

Q, Here Comes The Sun -- cd free with Q Magazine 154
includes: "Tonite It Shows"

ZO - CD 17 -- 1998 -- free cd with Danish rock magazine Zoo
includes: "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Bugjuice Vol. V -- 1998 promo CD
includes: "Goddess on A Hiway"

CMJ New Music Monthly Vol # 63, November 1998
includes: "Goddess on A Hiway"

Q Magazine's 'Best Music of the 1999 Summer Festival Season' CD
includes: "Tonite It Shows"

Bangin' Summer Extravaganza - British mag cd compilation, May 1999
includes: "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (chemical brothers remix)"

Various 01: Dancemusic: Modernlife CD
includes: "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (chemical brothers remix)"

NME Annual Probe vol.2 -- free cd - 1999
includes: "Endlessly"

This Year's Love -- 1999 soundtrack cd, V2
includes: "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp"

Magnet: New Music Sampler, Vol. 6 -- Magnet #2006
includes: "Goddess on A Hiway"

Monitor This! - Spring 1999
includes: "Goddess on A Hiway"

NME; independent and still taking liberties - free cd - 1999
includes: "Tonite It Shows"

Uncut Unconditionally Guaranteed - free cd with Uncut mag - 1999
includes: "Goddess on a Hiway"

V2unes V2 sampler -- 1999
includes: "Opus 40"

Listen Picks vol. 1 - promo -- 1999
includes: "Holes"

System Best 2.0 -- CD free with a French magazine called Best
includes: "Tonite It Shows" (live in Germany), plus CD-ROM with band info
The CD doesn't indicate exactly where the recording is from, but it appears to be the same version that's a b-side on an Opus 40 single (Zundfunk, Munich 19th Feb 1999). The recording here is lower quality and contains some talking by the DJ over the beginning of the track.

The XFM Radio 104.9 London Live Sessions -- Select Magazine cd
includes: "Tonite It Shows" (live on XFM)

Q - Essential Chill Out -- cd from the British music mag Q -- 2000
includes: "Holes"

Brit Awards 2000 -- double CD
includes: Goddess On A Hiway

Uncut - free cd with Uncut mag, September 2001
includes: "The Dark Is Rising"

Aural Fix: V2 Music Sampler -- 2001 V2 Records CD
includes: "Nite And Fog"

CMJ New Music Monthly Vol # 97, October 2001
includes: "Nite & Fog"

NME - Album Of The Year -- free NME cd -- DEC 2001
includes: "Little Rhymes"

Oorgasm #06 -- free cd with OOR, Dutch alternative music magazine -- 2002
includes: "Nite & Fog"

The Best of Chillout / This Is Chill Out -- 2002 -- Beechwood 61
includes: "Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (chemical brothers remix)"

Uncut Presents: Instant Karma 2002; a Tribute to John Lennon
includes: "Isolation"

Uncut - Across The Great Divide - Music Inspired By The Band
includes: "Opus 40"

You Are Here Vol. 5
includes: ? (other artists on the compilation include Less Than Jake, Oasis, The Cardigans, Fat Boy Slim, Miles Davis)

Plato Fuerte -- double CD on Everlasting Records
includes: ?

Lo Fidelity Allstars / Abstract Funk Theory -- Feb 2003 -- Obsessive 36
includes: "Holes" (i'm assuming this is a remixed version??)

Acoustic, Vol. 3 -- April 2003 -- V2 International 90056
includes: Goddess On A Hiway

Good Music For Tsunami Relief -- UNICEF benefit double CD from a join effort by Filter Magazine and Urban Outfitters -- March 2005
includes: "In a Funny Way"

Fifteen Quality New Tracks
includes: "Secret For A Song"

Acoustic 05 -- 2005, Echo
includes: "First Time Mothers Joy"

Uncut: The Playlist, June 2006 -- Uncut Magazine
includes: "Coney Island Cyclone"

Cafe Solo 2 -- Compiled by Jose Padilla -- 2007
includes: "Holes"