Before The War - Mercury Rev Discography
[part 2 : 2001 and beyond]

All Is Dream -- 2001 V2 Records

1. The Dark Is Rising
2. Tides Of The Moon
3. Chains
4. Lincoln’s Eyes
5. Nite And Fog
6. Little Rhymes
7. A Drop In Time
8. You're My Queen
9. Spiders And Flies
10. Hercules

Japanese release includes the bonus track "Cool Waves"

All Is Dream -- UK promo CD -- V2 records CAT# - VVR1017522P

Also released on vinyl.

And there was a "special edition" UK version with just an additional outer slip card sleeve.

There's also a V2 CD-R promo (generic sleeve) and a little 2-track 3" promo CD which just has "The Dark Is Rising" and "Nite and Fog" on it. [picture]

All Is Dream -- limited edition double CD -- 2002 V2 Records
On April 15th, Mercury Rev released a limited edition version of All Is Dream in Europe with an additional disc of live material, documentary footage, and the videos for their two recent singles. The additional disc contains the following:
1. The Saw Song (Live)
2. Hercules (Live)
3. Little Rhymes (Live)
4. Nite and Fog (video)
5. The Dark Is Rising (video)
6. Documentary footage

French live promo CD - 2002 [cover picture][disc picture]
Includes the 3 live tracks from the AID bonus disc.
1. The Saw Song (Live)
2. Hercules (Live)
3. Little Rhymes (Live)

Purchase links:
Regular release
Limited edition double cd
Limited edition double cd
Japanese import

Nite And Fog -- UK single 2001 V2 Records

01. Nite And Fog
02. A Drop In Time (four-track demo)
03. Serpentine

01. Nite And Fog
02. Cool Waves
03. Nite And Fog (boys choir version)

A. Nite And Fog
B. Nite And Fog (four-track demo)

Euro CD
1. Nite and Fog
2. Serpentine
3. Cool Waves
4. Nite and Fog (four-track demo)

There's also a V2 CD-R promo (generic sleeve)

Song info:
The first single from 'All Is Dream', released on September 24th on V2 Records. In addition to 'Nite And Fog' (LP version), CD1 includes the four-track demo for album track 'A Drop In Time' plus a previously unreleased song, 'Serpentine' (originally recorded prior to 'Deserter's Songs', in 1996). CD2 features 'Cool Waves' (an outtake from the 'All Is Dream' sessions) and an alternate version of 'Nite And Fog' that features boys choir. The 7" is backed with the four-track demo version of 'Nite And Fog'.
'Cool Waves' is also the bonus track on Japanese version of All Is Dream.

Interview CD
-- V2 Promotional interview CD-R -- 2001

The interview CD is a promo CD-R put out by V2 and dated June 2001. The cover looks like it was printed on a computer and is just a single sheet rather than a a sleeve. There's also a generic looking wrapping which just says "MERCURY REV Syndicated Interview (28 ID's)" (like on the CD itself) and the V2 logo. It doesn't have a catalogue number. The interview is with Jonathan, Jeff and Grasshopper and consists of just their answers with the questions (presumably) edited out which makes it sound a bit odd to listen to, you have to kind of guess what the question was half the time! They talk about various things such as the release of Yerself, how they were unprepared for working in the music industry at the time of Yerself and Boces, recording All Is Dream, what it's like playing festivals etc. The interview is split into 28 tracks, usually about 2 minutes each, totaling about a half hour.

The Dark Is Rising -- UK single 2002 V2 Records

01 The Dark Is Rising (lp version)
02 Nocturne in C# minor - Opus 27 No 1 (Chopin)
03 Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)

01 The Dark Is Rising (lp version)
02 Spiders and flies (live in Norway)
03 Blue Skies (Berlin)

01 The Dark Is Rising (live at Reading)
02 Prelude in E Flat Minor - Opus 48 No 4 (Chopin)
03 Tides Of The Moon (live)
Also includes a picture gallery, and video footage from the recent European tour (four 30 second clips). Unfortunately for North American fans of the band, the DVD is available in PAL format only.

Euro CD
01 Dark is Rising (lp version)
02 Nocturne in C minor - Opus 27 No 1 (Chopin)
03 Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath)
04 Spiders and flies (live in Norway)
05 Tides of the moon (live from DVD)

There's a V2 1-track promo CD-R (generic sleeve) with the LP version (4.49).
There's a UK 2-track promo CD with "Single Edit" (3.57) and the LP version.
And there's another 1-track promo CD-R which has no sleeve and is subtitled "Vocal Down Radio Edit" (3.50). The piano solo at the start is edited so that the singing comes in a lot sooner, similar to the "Single Edit."

Song info:
The second single from 'All Is Dream', released on January 7th, 2002. The b-sides are live performances from the recent European tour along with new studio recordings which cover material written by Irving Berlin, Frederic Chopin, and Black Sabbath. Aside from the lp version of 'The Dark Is Rising', the above tracks feature the current touring line-up of Mercury Rev: Jonathan, Grasshopper, Jeff, Anthony Molina, Paul Dillon and Michael Schirmer. The Chopin piano pieces are played by Anthony Molina.

Little Rhymes -- UK single 2002 V2 Records

01. Little Rhymes
02. Chains (alternative version)
03. I Keep A Close Watch (John Cale)

01. Little Rhymes
02. Observatory Crest (Captain Beefheart)
03. Streets Of Laredo

01. Little Rhymes
02. Observatory Crest
03. Catskill Mountain Tour (video footage shot by Jonathan, Grasshopper & Jeff)

Song info:
The single, released on July 15th, 2002, includes covers by the likes of John Cale & Captain Beefheart, not to mention peculiar video footage of the band's stomping ground in the Catskill Mountains shot by Jonathan, Grasshopper & Jeff. (Unfortunately for North American fans of the band, the DVD is available in PAL format only.) Also featured on the single is 'Streets Of Laredo', best known as one of Marty Robbins' 'Gun Fighter Ballads,' featuring real cowboys. Prior to release of the single, the alternate mix of 'Chains' had been referred to as Peter Stillman mix or String mix.

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The Secret Migration -- 2005 V2 Records

1. Secret For A Song
2. Across Your Ocean
3. Diamonds
4. Black Forest (Lorelei)
5. Vermillion
6. In The Wilderness
7. In A Funny Way
8. My Love
9. Moving On
10. The Climbing Rose
11. Arise
12. First-Time Mother's Joy (Flying)
13. Down Poured The Heavens

UK release January '05.

Japanese version includes bonus track "Mirror for a Bell"

US release didn't come out until May '05. But there was a special US edition that included a bonus disc of b-sides and whatnot:
1. The Black Swan
2. My Love [KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" rec. Jan/19/05, b'cast Jan/26/05]
3. Afraid (Nico cover)
4. Black Forest (Lorelei) [KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" rec. Jan/19/05, b'cast Jan/26/05]
5. Observatory Crest [Peel Session 5/5/99]
6. Streets of Laredo
7. Diamonds [Recorded at WFUV, Fordham University, NYC, Jan/18/05]
8. Mirror For A Bell

There is a 1-track promo for "Secret For a Song" (single version)
Also a 1-track French promo for "Vermillion"

Purchase links:
regular version (
lim. ed. version (
regular version (Amazon)
Japanese version (Amazon)


In A Funny Way -- UK single, V2 Records, January 2005

1. In A Funny Way
2. Good Times Ahead
3. Black Swan

1. In A Funny Way (audio only)
2. Moving On (video)
3. Down Poured The Heavens (video)
4. Photo Gallery

7" vinyl
cat# VVR5029227
A. In a Funny Way
B. Androgynous

promo CD
cat# ECVVR5029223P
1. In A Funny Way

Across Yer Ocean -- single, V2 Records, March 2005

Cat# VVR5031033
1. Across Yer Ocean
2. Mirror For A Bell
3. Afraid (Nico cover)

7" vinyl
picture disc
cat# VVR5031037
A. Across Yer Ocean
B. Tennessee Blues

fan review by Paul B.: "Tennessee Blues is a cover of a Bobby Charles song, from his early 70s solo album which was produced by Rick Danko (of The Band). The Rev do a beautifully poised cover of this bluesy ballad, and a great duet with a female voice. Nice picture disc too."

The Essential Mercury Rev : Stillness Breathes 1991-2006 -- V2 Records, October 3, 2006

1. Diamonds
2. Everlasting Arm
3. In A Funny Way
4. Goddess On A Hiway
5. Chasing A Bee
6. The Dark Is Rising
7. Black Forest (Lorelei)
8. Holes
9. Carwash Hair
10. Empire State
11. Something For Joey
12. Frittering
13. A Drop In Time
14. Opus 40

1. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (1999 Peel Session) [Goddess On A Hiway b-side]
2. I Only Have Eyes For You (1995 Peel Session) [Goddess On A Hiway b-side]
3. Observatory Crest (1999 Peel Session) [Little Rhymes b-side]
4. Streets Of Laredo [Little Rhymes b-side]
5. So There (with Robert Creeley) [The Hum is Comng from Her]
6. Afraid [Across Yer Ocean b-side]
7. He Was A Friend Of Mine [Opus 40 b-side]
8. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers remix) [Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp b-side]
9. It's A Man's Man's Man's World {with Carmen Quinones) [Superbad at 65: James Brown tribute]
10. Clamor [previously unreleased Shady Crady song]
11. Seagull [previously unreleased The Secret Migration outtake]
12. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [previously unreleased Beatles cover]
13. Coney Island Cyclone (1991 Peel Session) [Chasing a Bee b-side]
14. Silver Street [Opus 40 b-side]
15. Deadman (with Alan Vega) [Everlasting Arm b-side]
16. Philadelphia (KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic) [Deserter's Songs bonus disc]
17. Good Times Ahead [In A Funny Way b-side]
18. Memory Of A Free Festival [Crash Course for the Ravers: David Bowie tribute]

A "best of" collection with a second disc containing various rare tracks, most of which previously available as b-sides or on compilations.

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Hello Blackbird -- V2 Records, October 3, 2006
Catalog# VVR1043712

1. Blackbird's Call
2. Illumination By Street Lamp
3. Waltz For Alice
4. Trial By Wire
5. Daydream For Nina
6. Audition Scene Sketch (Simply Because)
7. White Birds
8. Josef's Vision
9. Eye Of The Blackbird (Travelling Music II)
10. Last Of The White Birds (March Funebre)
11. Cinema Theme
12. First Flight Of The White Birds
13. Chimpy Waltz
14. Dempsy's Theme
15. Fantasia No 1
16. Roberto Y Roberto
17. Travelling Music
18. Departed Angels
19. Simply Because
20. Making Of Hello Blackbird (Video)
21. Grasshopper's Wild Ride (Video)

A collection of mostly-instrumental music, originally written and recorded as the original score for the 2006 French film, Bye Bye Blackbird, directed by Robinson Savary. Features two enhanced videos: 'Making Of Hello Blackbird' and 'Grasshopper's Wild Ride'.

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Snowflake Midnight -- COOPERATIVE MUSIC, YEP ROC, A:LARM, September 29, 2008

1. Snowflake In A Hot World
2. Butterfly's Wing
3. Senses On Fire
4. People Are So Unpredictable (There's No Bliss Like Home)
5. October Sunshine
6. Runaway Raindrop
7. Dream Of A Young Girl As A Flower
8. Faraway From Cars
9. A Squirrel And I (Holding On...And Then Letting Go)

"Veteran space-pop-rockers Mercury Rev release their seventh studio album, 'Snowflake Midnight', after a three-year gap since 2005's 'The Secret Migration'. They retain their nuanced and heavily-produced sound, but with a thematic focus on more worldly subjects than previous records that takes in subtler lyrical constructs and a continuation of the band's development to a more poppy sound. Mercury Rev count among their ranks legendary indie producer Dave Fridmann (on bass since their formation), who has worked with such luminaries as Low and The Flaming Lips and is on production duties here."

In addition to standard CD release, there are also vinyl versions: a standard 12" and a 2 LP set on 180 gram vinyl.

There is an advance CD packaged in a jewel case with back a insert only.

Also released as a Japanese import CD, but no bonus tracks.

Strange Attractor -- COOPERATIVE MUSIC, YEP ROC, A:LARM, September 29, 2008

1. Love Is Pure
2. Taken Up Into Clouds, Changed And Rained Down
3. Pure Joie De La Solitude
4. Persistance And The Apis Mellifera
5. Fable Of A Silver Moon
6. Loop Lisse, Loop
7. In My Heart, A Strange Attractor
8. Incident On Abeel Street
9. Af Den Fader Kommer Den Sol
10. Because Because Because
11. Nocturne For Norwood

An instrumental companion album released the same day as Snowflake Midnight, only as a free mp3 download.

Senses on Fire (remixes) -- single, V2, October 28, 2008

1. Senses on Fire (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
2. Senses on Fire (James Holden Mix)
3. Butterfly's Wing (Isan Alien Adoption Remix)
4. Butterfly's Wing (Carlos Anthony Molina 4 On The Flux Mix)

Digital single.
Also available in the UK on limited edition 12" vinyl.

There is a 3-track promo CD version.
1. Senses on Fire (Edit)
2. Senses on Fire (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
3. Senses on Fire (James Holden Mix)

The Peel Sessions -- UMC (Universal Music Catalogue), double CD, November 10, 2009

Disc: 1
1. Frittering (August 27, 1991)
2. Coney Island Cyclone (August 27, 1991)
3. Syringe Mouth (August 27, 1991)
4. Chasin' A Bee (August 27, 1991)
5. Trickledown (July 12 1993)
6. Downs Are Feminine Balloons (July 12, 1993)
7. Boys Peel Out (July 12, 1993)
8. Everlasting Arm (July 2, 1995
9. I Only Have Eyes For You (July 2, 1995)
10. Racing The Tide (July 2, 1995)
11. Close Encounters Of The 3rd Grade (July 2, 1995)
Disc: 2
1. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die (May 5, 1999)
2. The Funny Bird/Tonite It Shows (May 5, 1999)
3. Observatory Crest (May 5, 1999)
4. Tides Of The Moon (October 11, 2001)
5. Little Rhymes (October 11, 2001)
6. Spider And Flies (October 11, 2001)
7. Planet Caravan (October 11, 2001)
8. Gymnopedies 3 (October 11, 2001)
9. Hercules (October 11, 2001)

Official CD release of all the band's John Peel Sessions for the BBC. Previously available as b-sides are the entire 1991 session, plus "I Only Have Eyes For You" from '95, and "I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier" and "Observatory Crest" from '99. One song unreleased in any capacity previously is "Gymnopedies 3", a cover of a piano piece by Erik Satie. The liner notes contains recollections from Jonathan Donahue about his time recording for John Peel: ‘we took it so seriously, it was like we were doing an audition for some huge mogul like Clive Davis’.




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