Before The War - Mercury Rev Discography ...... continued
Related and side projects
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Shady -- World -- UK Beggars Banquet 1994
1. hey yeah!
2. narcotic candy
3. sugar sugar sugar
4. prosperous
5. rap soda
6. life's greatest fool
7. soul of things to come
8. it sucks being an astronaut
9. real easy
10. are you okay?

David Baker's post-Rev project. Highly recommended for fans of Boces. It's out of print now. The album features guest appearances by psych-noise all-stars including Adam Franklin from Swervedriver, Martin Carr from the Boo Radleys, Jimi Shields from Rollerskate Skinny and Lotus Crown, Bill Whitten from St. Johnny and Grand Mal, and Sooyoung Park from Seam.

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Shady -- Narcotic Candy UK single
CD and 10'' vinyl
1. Narcotic Candy
2. Micro Bodi Dot Con

There was an advance promo cd single that also featured a "radio edit" of the track with most of the intro edited off.
1. Narcotic Candy (radio edit): 4:46
2. Narcotic Candy (album version): 7:26
3. Micro Bodi Dot Con: 6:27

Grasshopper and the Golden Crickets - 1998 Beggars Banquet
ID# BQT80201.2 (US)
ID# TKCB 71446 (Japan)
1. Silver Balloons
2. The Ballad Of The One Eyed Anglefish
3. O-Ring (Baby Talk)
4. Nickel In A Lemon
5. The Orbit Of Eternal Grace
6. September's Fool
7. Univac Bug Track
8. Smpte For The Devil
9. N.Y. Avenue Playground
10. Sketches Of Saturn (Love In Space)
11. Midnight Express
12. N.Y. Avenue Playground (Reprise)
13. [hidden track]

Grasshopper's solo album. Suzanne plays on a few tracks, as do the Russo brothers. Jonathan Donahue helped mix it. Recorded right after See You On The Other Side, but not released until '98 due to label problems. The album does kinda sound like a transition between SYOTOS and Deserter's Songs. One song in particular, "N.Y. Avenue Playground", has a nearly identical verse vocal pattern to "Hudson Line", Grasshopper's song on Deserter's.

Japanese version includes 2 bonus tracks: "The Solar Powered Hornet Beyond the Shadows of Overlook Mountain" and "Silver Balloons (4 Track Demo)"

There's also a UK LP released on colored vinyl.

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Grasshopper and the Golden Crickets -- Silver Balloons - 1998 - UK CD single and 7'' (Beggars Banquet BBQ325CD)
1. Silver Balloons
2. The Solar Powered Hornet Beyond the Shadows of Overlook Mountain
3. Silver Balloons (4 Track Demo)

Futurismo - The Soundtrack to a Font compilation - P22 Records
- XJ6 Donahue (which is Jonathan Donahue) contributes an instrumental titled "The Typewriter." In addition, Jimy Chambers contributes a track under the name An Odessa Artery. I've been told the bonus track on Deserter's Songs was originally intended for this CD.
More information (including ordering info) on the CD can be found here.
liner notes: "XJ6 Donahue lives with his dog in the Catskill Mountains and appears courtesy of V2 records."

Your Invitation To Suicide, A Tribute To The Songs Of Martin Rev, Alan Vega
- Munster Records
MR 040 2LP/CD
- The band Zenith (which includes Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper with John Ashton (Psychedelic Furs) and Ric Ocasek (The Cars) producing) contributes a version of "Bring In The Year 2000"

- Hopewell is a band featuring brothers Jason Russo and Justin Russo, both having spent time in Mercury Rev and various related projects. (Justin has since left Hopewell.) Grasshopper has guested on some of their recordings.
Their main releases are:
Contact (1997 Burnt Hair)
Purple Balloon EP (1998 Pariapus)
The Curved Glass (2000 Pariapus)
The Birds of Appetite (2004)
The Notbirds EP (2006)
Beautiful Targets (2007)
.. they've also put out several singles and compilation tracks. Of note to Mercury Rev fans is the track "Beautiful Targets" which is a collaboration between bands (the song is not featured on the album of the same name, but was put out on a vinyl single, I believe.)

Official site:,

The Silent League

- A many-years-in-the-making offering from Justin Russo (Mercury Rev, Hopewell, Golden Crickets), for which there is now a full fledged live band. The record, The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused (released March 2004), features performances by Grasshopper, Suzanne Thorpe, Bill Whitten (Grand Mal, St. Johnny), and Sam Fogarino (Interpol). A followup, Of Stars and Other Somebodies, came out in 2007.
Official site:,

Flaming Lips
- Jonathan was in the Flaming Lips for a few years before Mercury Rev took off and he appears on the albums In A Priest Driven Ambulance and Hit To Death in the Future Head. He also appears on the Lips "old stuff" collections A Collection of Songs Representing an Enthusiasm for Recording...By Amateurs and The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg.
In addition, Dave Fridmann produces much of their material.
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Chemical Brothers
- Jonathan co-wrote and played on "Private Psychedelic Reel" on their album, Dig Your Own Hole, and also contributed vocals, guitar, piano, and co-wrote the track, "Dream On" on their follow-up album, Surrender.
"The Private Psychedelic Reel" was released as a single on cd and 12'' in the UK and on cd in some other countries. It's also included in their singles collection, Singles 93-03.

Grasshopper and Suzanne Thorpe participated in the recording of a Research 12" called the (Almost) Nothing Yet EP. [You might remember Research from their remix of Harmony Rockets' "I've Got A Golden Ticket."] White label, 3 songs. The vinyl was released by Stickshift in 1998, but has always been very hard to find. It was never really distributed because the masters are actually owned by Elektra, who signed the band, paid for an album, then dropped them.

Vas Deferens Organisation and Brad Laner
- Grasshopper, Suzanne, and Jayson Russo appear on an album by the Vas Deferens Organisation called Transcontinental Conspiracy. Very limited release.
Taken from an ebay auction, "a weird cd featuring members of mercury rev and the now unfortunately defunct, medicine. cd is called vas deferens organization and brad laner. title of cd is transcontinental conspiracy. its a 4 song long cd and it is a long cd. titles are:
1. first plane not to plummet seaward
2. monk fish liver transplant plate
3. last few days in the land of happy dreams
4. T
Musicians include Grasshopper and Suzanne Thorpe of Mercury Rev fame, noise gawd Brad Laner from Medicine and texas freak, Matt Castille. CD was issued in 1996 by Womb Tunes Records. Other musicians include Eric Lumbleau, Jayson Russo, Bryan Rolman, Baba Laner and Josh Laner."
Of Mercury Rev's contribution to the album, Eric Lumbleau says, "Their material was generated during a spontaneous pre-gig jam that occured at our studio while they waited there for an interview that never ultimately transpired. These jams were later integrated into the fabric of our compositions and are featured prominently on two of the CD's four tracks. Since this was recorded early in VDO's career, I ended up self releasing this CD at the time, and thus it has never been particularly widely available."

Luna / Dean Wareham
- Grasshopper makes a guest appearance on at least a couple of their albums, and in fact filled in as Luna's guitarist in the band's initial phase. Luna frontman Dean Wareham played on "Car Wash Hair". Also, Grasshopper played on Dean Wareham's solo single "Anesthesia". And Rev's Jimy Chambers played drums on one of Dean's singles.

St. Johnny

- Grasshopper, David Baker, and Dave Fridmann have all worked on St. Johnny albums at one time or another.

Mutton Gun
- Mutton Gun is/was Justin Harwood, Gordon Rutherford, Justin's girlfriend Lisa, David Boyd (Hut Records UK mogul), and his girlfriend Sarah. Grasshopper plays on one of their albums, and David Baker sings on a track. This was from '94 and on the Kokopop label.

Radial Spangle
- Jonathan Donahue played on one of their albums, 1993's Ice Cream Headache, which was produced by Dave Fridmann. Dave produced their other album, Syrup Macrame, as well. Then they put out a lovely album under the band name Charm Pops, again with studio help from Jonathan and Dave.

- Jonathan and Suzanne Thorpe appeared on the band's debut album Hang-Ups (on Amplified Mint). Vocalist/guitarist John DeVries later played bass for Mercury Rev on a UK tour (and for Dave Baker's Shady project).

Grand Mal
- Lots of Rev-relations in this band fronted by Bill Whitten. Dave Fridmann, Grasshopper, Jeff Mercel, Suzanne Thorpe, Justin Russo, Jason Russo, John DeVries, and Carmen Quiñones have all been involved with this band in various capacities since its conception in the mid 90s. Their latest album is 2003's Bad Timing.
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A Camp
- Jonathan plays saw on a song on this project featuring the Cardigans' Nina Persson. The self-titled album was released in 2001.

Heather Nova
- Mercury Rev worked on her 2003 album, Storm.
Official site: or

Nicolai Dunger
- Mercury Rev worked on his 2004 album, Here's my song, you can have it... I don't want it anymore /Yours 4-ever Nicolai Dunger
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Regular Fries

- Mercury Rev (Jonathan, actually) remixed a track for them, "Anno Domini", which is available on their debut album, Accept The Signal, and a single.
"Anno Domini (Mercury Rev remix)" was also released on a very limited edition 7'' (300, I think) in a cardboard mailer sleeve.

Lightning Seeds
- One of their singles for "Sweetest Soul Sensations" includes a Mercury Rev remix of their previous hit "Life's Too Short".

Grasshopper with the OCD Bottle Factory
- The song "Back in No Time" was included on a free CD with Esopus magazine #5 (Fall 2005)
Clarinet, telesonic, tettix waves : Grasshopper
Drums, cornet: Mark Ferraro
Bass, cowpoke guitar: Danny Ferraro
Organ, keyboards: Carlos Anthony Molina
Engineered and mixed by Kevin Paulsen
2005 Canaveral Pictures

St. Thomas: Walk With Me
A compilation of artists performing their versions St. Thomas songs. Grasshopper teams up with Steven Sellick for "The Charity Ego". (2008)

- There's a vinyl 7'' split label release between Durham's Matt label and Chapel Hill's Land Speed Records. Features Gerald Menke, who left Vineland after the vinyl's release to play bass for Mercury Rev on the Boces tour.

- David Baker produced a CD of their's called Chandelier Musings. It's on the Dedicated label (DEDCD 030) and was released in 1996. Prior to that, a self-titled Comet 10" was issued in 1996 by the Atomic Sound label (ATOM 003).. it includes 6 tracks, 3 of which were produced by Baker. And they put out a 7" single called This Is Freedom, released by the Last Beat label in 1995, also helmed by Baker.

- David Baker produced their debut CD EP, Mini (1998 Throwrug TRR11) 6 Trks. "Chicago alt-rock unit who concoct a chaotic mix of noise and rock."
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- Odiorne (previously known as Artery) is Jimy Chambers' new band. They have a track on the aforementioned Futurismo compilation (under the band name An Odessa Artery). Odiorne put out a debut CD EP called Want Them Leaving More on P22 Records in June '02. A full-length titled Heavy Wish was released in '05. A 12" vinyl EP called Mountain Moon followed in '09.
Official site:

Adam Snyder
- This former Mercury Rev keyboardist has put out a couple solo CDs, the first called Across The Pond, and a 2007 follow-up called This Town Will Get Its Due. It's folky stuff that doesn't resemble his work with the Rev at all, but still worth checking out. Apparently, he's pretty big in Ireland.
In recent years, Adam has also worked with New Order and legendary producer Arthur Baker. He also appears on a 2002 EP by Limited Sight Distance (as do the Russo brothers).

- Grasshopper spent time in several bands before Mercury Rev took off. Some of those early bands were The People's Front, SugarFix, and Sunny in Chernobyl. In those days, he was known more as a drummer or bassist.
In the 90s, Grasshopper played with Spiritualized (unconfirmed) and Joe Henry (for a tour), though I don't believe he recorded with either of them.
Grasshopper has done some live DJing on the side a few times in recent years.

Dave Fridmann
- Dave Fridmann has worked on countless albums, usually as producer/engineer, but occasionally also contributing bass and/or piano. Notable artists include the Flaming Lips, Sparklehorse, Jane's Addiction, Mogwai, and Elf Power.. just to name a few. Check his official site for a thorough list.
Dave has also spent time as a member of several semi-serious local bands, including Bass Piggy, Captain Bringdown & The Buzzkillers, and The Carbon Copycats.

Earth To Chet
- The Earth To Chet Orchestra is a local Kingston, NY band of friends who get together to play once in a while. While there's a lot of mystery surrounding the band, members include current and former members of Mercury Rev and Agitpop, as well as other area musicians. Their live sets are known to consist mostly of covers from yesteryear, with an occasional original thrown in.

rumored collaborations that apparently never panned out
Around 1994, there was talk of Mercury Rev members working on material with Porno For Pyros / Perry Farrell, as well as a project with Prodigy. As far as I know, neither happened. ..or if they did, recordings were never released.