Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs
Tonite It Shows
Opus 40
Hudson Line
Goddess On A Hiway
The Funny Bird
Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp



Time, all the long red lines, that take
Control, of all th smokelike streams that flow into yr
Dreams, that big blue open sea, that can't be
Crossed, that can't be climbed, just born
Between, oh th' two white lines, distant gods an' faded
Signs, of all those blinking lites, you had t' pick the one tonite...

Holes, dug by little moles, angry jealous
Spies, got telephones for eyes, come t' you as
Friends, all those endless ends, that can't be
Tied, oh they make me laugh, an' always make me
Cry, til they drop like flies, an' sink like polished
Stones, of all th' stones i throw, how does that ol' song go
how does that ol' song go...

Bands, those funny little plans, that never work quite right.

Tonite It Shows

Into a dream, i took a turn, an' promised t' return
Th' way we were, th' way we met, th' way i lit yr cigarette
Th' way it trailed, into a stream, an' lay down between...

You had t' choose, a side t' love, an' divide yerself in two
Th' way you were, long before, you were a walkin' civil war
But you forget, where th' road goes, an' tonite it shows...

Into yr soul, i tried t' climb, but found th' hole t' high
For me t' leave, th' way i'd learned, an' found i couldn't turn
Th' way th' trees, an' fallin' rain, remind me in a way...

Th' way you were, th' day we met, th' way i lit your cigarette
Th' way it changed, into a strange, cole porter phrase
But you forget, how th' song goes, an' tonite it shows...


Standing in a dream, weaving thru' the crowded streets leaving you again endlessly
The choir disappears, an' voices in yr heard appear leading you again endlessly
If th' armies of her soul, take you by surprise an' flee leaving you again endlessly
An th' darkships of her eyes surrender t' you suddenly leading you again endlessly
Standing in a street, th' line beneath th' fallin' leaves leading her again endlessly
An' of all th' stars above, only one reminds her of leaving you again endlessly

Opus 40

Well she tossed all night like a ragin' sea
woke up an' climbed from th' suicide machine
with her spanish candles an' her persian poems
stuck on th' rocks insude opus 40 stoned
an' scratchin' he wrists in the pourin' rain
she collapses down upon th' ocean floor again

Tears in waves minds on fire
Nights alone by yr side

Catskill mansions buried screams
i'm alive she cried but i don't know what it means
somewhere out there across th' moonlit sands
there's a line drawn like th' lines on her own shand
an' slammin' her eyes lockin' th' door
she collapses down upon th' ocean floor again

Tears in waves minds on fire
Nights alone by yr side

Hudson Line

Y'don't need much money t' ride th' silver train
Just enough t' keep yerself from sleepin' in th' rain
Satellites 'r chasin' silver clouds away an'
Technicolor raindrops wash gumballs down th' drain

Gonna leave th' city, gonna hop a train tonite
Gotta one-way ticket an' th' moon is shinin' brite
Gonna leave th' city, gonna catch th' hudson line
Cos y'know i love th' city, but i haven't got th' time

Satellites 'r chasin' th' silver clouds away
Mercury's a' fallin' yeah who forgot t' pray
Silver trains will whistle an' glisten by th' moon
Molly's got her kite and joe has his balloons
Satellites 'r chasin' silver clouds away
I'm stuck on th' tracks t' sleep away th' day

Goddess On A Hiway

Well i got us on a hiway an' i got us in a car
Got us goin' faster than we've ever gone before

An' i know it ain't gonna last
An' i know it ain't gonna last
When i see yr eyes arive
they explode like two bugs on glass

Far above th' ocean, depp under th' sea
There's a river runnin' dry because of you an' me

She's a goddess on a hiway, a goddess in a car
A goddess goin' faster than she's ever gone before

The Funny Bird

Well goodbye southern spy
i've come t' love you in th' lite
always starin' in th' Void
have yr etes all been destroyed
all these diggin' little hands
of all the stones that never had
yr the only one i know...

An' farewell gold'n ring
oh you hollow little thing
like a wave along th' coast
i've come t'love th' hi's and lows
when in th' end yr just a band
a funny bird that never lands
an' yr th' only one i know...

Farewell gold'n sound
no one wants to hear you now
an' of all th' happy ends
i wouldn't wish this on a friend
but yr th' only one i know

Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp

Sea t' corporal sea atlantic's too specific
haven't time t'settle sharks infest th' water
kickin' up th' dust constructin' new ideals
old ones laid t' rust nothin' seems so real

Slidin' away in a washed out delta sun

Missionaries flood my favorite AM stations
flowing in their futures washed out in this delta rag
look th' other way pocket all th' pieces
tripping up th' strawhat tumble inta th' wind

Slidin' away in washed out delta sun
Slidin' away in washed out delta sun

Wavin' goodbye i'm not sayin' hello