(well, not really)


Actually it's the old Nintendo game "Maniac Mansion" altered with a Rilo Kiley spin on it, i.e. references to lyrics and stuff. Nothing too amazing, but I think RK/MM fans will get a kick out of it. There's an infamous Nintendo-Rilo connection because of The Wizard, so a Rilo Kiley video game didn't seem like that much of a stretch. I tried to keep it true enough to the original so that even people not familiar with MM will "get" it.. and general enough so that you don't have to be a Rilo fan either.
The storyline is Duke's girlfriend Missy gets kidnapped by a mad scientist named Dr. Frug who's under the influence of a mysterious "Fantom," so Duke and a couple of his pals have to go into this creepy house and save her. Also living in the house are Nurse Edna (Dr. Frug's longtime girlfriend), Weird Ed (their son), and the two tentacle brothers. You can pick to play as Jenny and Blake, among others.

Warning! Not intended for anyone under 18. Like Rilo's music, there's some profanity in there.

__getting started__
Not familiar with emulation? It's basically just playing video games on your computer that weren't meant to be played on computer. You'll need a program called a NES emulator to play this game. You can find emulators, as well as a bunch more info on this kinda stuff at Probably the most poplular NES emulator out there is NESticle.. however, I've found that sometimes NESticle sucks for Maniac Mansion (mainly, the sound is jacked up depending on Windows/your drivers). FCE Ultra is another good NES emulatior. (Mac users, try RockNES.)
So anyways.. navigate some of the links in the above paragraph to learn/download what you need. Then download the game ROM (on this page, below).. unzip the emulatior.. Open the emulator, configure your input/controller (use your keyboard if you don't have a gamepad/joystick.).. and then you're ready to go.

__how to play__
If you've never played Maniac Mansion before, it may take a while to get used to, but once you do, you'll probably love it. The controller kinda works like a mouse, in that you move the arrow over things and click on them. You explore this big house, collecting items and whatnot. Not your run-of-the-mill Nintendo game. The thing is to figure out what you're supposed to do with the items and how that'll help you on your way. The characters have different abilities and there are several different ways to beat the game, depending on who you pick and what you do.


March 2003 - work begins on the hack.
May 2003 - version 0.9 finished and beta tested.
June 2003 - version 1.0 released.
[New versions may come out in the future if any major typos or bugs are found, or I just get inspired to mess around with it some more.]

A very special thanks to The Almighty Guru for kindly lending his incredible tile editing skills on a few things. And thanks to Rachelle The Teddog for help with testing.

(if you've never played Maniac Mansion before, you should definitely read over these general tips for the game.)
* You might want to have a piece of paper handy while you play to write down numbers and keep track of which keys are for what.
* Don't forget to save every once in a while (push start).
* Try using the select button for quickly selecting common commands like "get" and "open".
* Not every item in the game has a purpose.
* Dr. Frug has been known to set security access codes to the high score of his favorite arcade game.
* Tiny writing could possibly be read by pointing a telescope towards it.
* Giving someone a phone call may distract them for a couple minutes.
* A high pitched sound can sometimes break glass.
* A loose brick or loose panel somewhere might help you out.
* Careful with the pool and that pool water.. could be dangerous.
* That crazy family is rumored to have painted over a door.
* If you find an envelope, you might want to use it again, so don't just rip it open. Instead, steam it open somehow.
* Feeling weak? A couple reps on a weight machine could help you get buff.
* Radioactive water has been known to make plants maturate at incredible speeds, but it can make them vicious and hungry. Maybe you can mellow them out somehow.
* Jenny can play piano pretty well and would make a great addition to anyone's struggling band; just give them a tape to prove it.
* Blake's good with hi-tech stuff and fixing many things.
* Jeff can fix phones.
* Jason is good at photography.
* Kimmy has a knack for improving other people's writing.

get stuck? feel free to email me or you might try asking for help on a message board or mailing list. (careful not to post spoilers)
thanks and enjoy.