From jesse---

The date was Jan.7.1994 and the venue was at the Paladium in Hollywood. This benefit was for Norwood Fisher of Fishbone in order to raise money for some legal fees in a case he was involved in. The bill was Porno for Pyros, Tool, Alice in Chains, Weapon of Choice, Primus, Zack de la Rocha, and Minus 5. Porno was awesome, but the reviews and Perry himself said it was one of the worst shows he played? I thought it was killer with them ripping through about 5 or 6 tunes and one cover(I feel alright by Iggy and the Stooges.) The only problem was it was to short and they did have some sound problems. They played, what i could remember, Bad shit, Cursed male and Female, sadness and Porno for Pyros. Perry had red hair(remember?)and some weird pants on with a blue leather shirt. He was extremely agile(running around like a wild banshee, break-dancing and jumping all around.) The rest of the band, of course ripped, and played perfect time and everything.) I still have a bootleg shirt from the show, have only seen one like it since.) I remember seeing Perry in the audience walking around in bondage pants and a Love and Rockets shirt arm in arm with some hottie(i think it was Kim, his girlfriend at the time) and a bottle of wine-damn what a lifestyle. I met Perry a lot of times, one of the first times in 1990, at a conveince store in Venice, but at this particular show I was talking to him a little about surfing and the local breaks he likes to surf at. What I do remember is him being out of it, and talking about this dolphin that always swims up to him in Venice, where he surfs quite often, anyways it was a killer show and a memaroble evening.

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