Hard Charger
Mountain Song

From Kristen--

Private Parts Premiere

I'm actually a big Stern fan so when I heard Porno was doing the soundtrack, I was psyched. I got there pretty early with one of my friends and Porno was outside doing a sound check. Some guy handed us two bleacher passes and we wound up sitting in the second row almost in front of the stage. There's not much to say about it since it was only two songs. The sound was actually so loud that I had to cover my ears because I was in so much pain. I remember Marilyn Manson was standing right in front of me watching PFP play. The most fun came when they started playing Mountain Song because nobody expected it. They performed really well but half the people didn't know who they were so it was hard to get really into it. It was fun though and it lead to the relapse so I'm glad I was able to see the start of the relapse.

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