Saturday, June 20th...
Porno played a small club in Santa Monica, CA called 14 Below. Holds probably 200 people. It was listed in their LAWeekly add as "Free Form Jazz Feat. Mike Watt (Firehose, Minutemen) Peter DiStefano (Porno For Pyros) Steve Perkins (Jane's Addiction)"

Before Perry came out the three of them played three very loose jams. After the first Peter announced "We have a friend that's goin to sing, he's getting ready." Perry finally entered wearing a light blue polyester leisure suit, adidas, and a hat. Definite cuban/columbian vibe. They played (in order, as best as I can remember) Good God's://Urge, Pets, Thick Of It All, Tahitian Moon, Meija, Bad Shit, Porpoise Head (w/ Leo Chelyapov) and ended with a cover of the Iggy Pop/Stooges song, "I Got A Right". No encore. It was a very loose vibe that started very mellow and built to the full out punk closer. Good God's was played slower than the record. Thick Of It All was stripped down (no loops). It was packed and plenty of moshing as the show progressed.

Random stuff. Watt has a 6'' bushy fisherman's beard. Aside from Perry, the band just hung out before the gig in the club kicking back and shooting pool. On stage Perry said the gig was a result of Peter's efforts and to celebrate father's day. It seems most people there knew what was going to take place-a friend of a friend let me know about it. Flea and John Frusciante were in the audience. After the gig the whole band was just hanging out in the parking lot. I said hey to Steven and introduced myself to Perry VERY briefly-everyone wanted his attention or autograph.


From SonicNet--
The 200 fans who lined up to attend what was advertised as "Free Form Jazz Feat. Mike Watt" at the 14 Below club in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday night were treated to an unannounced partial onstage reunion of Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction, Gobalee) and his band Porno for Pyros. The show was billed as a jazz jam with former fIREHOSE leader Watt, Porno guitarist Peter DiStefano and Porno/Jane's drummer Stephen Perkins, but was widely rumored to feature an appearance by Farrell. It quickly turned into an all-out rock show when Farrell joined the trio for versions of the Porno songs "Pets," "Thick of It All," "Tahitian Moon," "Meija," "Bad Shit," "Porpoise Head" and a set-ending cover of Iggy Pop's "I Got a Right." "These guys are all friends," Porno co-manager Adam Schneider said of the show. "And Peter just asked Perry if he wanted to jam." Spotted in the audience were recently re-upped Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and bassist Flea, the latter of whom played with the reunited Jane's on last fall's "relapse" tour. [Wed., Jun 24, 1998 8:07 PM EDT]

From Mike Watt--
"it was just gonna be a jam that peter asked me and perk to be a part of and then perry said he wanted to sing some songs. it was at that club called 14 below in santa monica. perry was great, singing and dancing and just wailing on it. perk and peter were very much happening too."

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