new orleans 6.29.96- howlin wolf

from alex sloley

i can tell you little about the show. i am not really familiar with p4p songs but can give you a brief description of the show...

the howlin' wolf is a dark alternative club in the warehouse district of new orleans. there wasnt much of a line to get in but the show was sold out. freaky people from all corners of life were attending, the crowd was pretty rambunctious! entering the club you immediately see a long bar on the left hand side, another bar in the back right, and the stage in an open area in the front right side. most of the back of the club, including both sides, is under an old balcony. you cant jump too high or you might hit your head. which i saw several people do... the stage area though is not under the balcony, it has like two stories worth of space. the show started pretty quietly with perry crooning in his nasal voice. the crowd immediately begins to get worked up and its kinda hard to see the stage. the songs themselves are pretty typical of porno for pyros, psychedelically oriented bongo music. perry talks to the crowd again and proceeds to light a big doobie about half way through the show. the crowd loves that part! he starts handing around the doobie and throws several more joints to the crowd. pretty risky, even for new orleans! after smoking the band starts to play more quickly, they are pretty intense about it. the show ends with one of their more popular radio songs. of course. they come back out for an encore after about 2 minutes. i am relatively sure they are smokin' up some more out back... the encore is short, but the crowd seems satisfied. my first show at the howlin' wolf and my first porno for pyros show. i was satisfied.

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