From Kristen--

7-11-96 Irving Plaza

This was a really great show. Irving Plaza is a good place to see a show. It only holds about 900 people and it was packed that night. I spent the whole night standing in the balcony so it was kind of cool to be able to watch the crowd's reaction to everything without being trampled. They opened with Porpoise Head and the sound in there was incredible. Perry was dressed in some funky flowery clothes with big bell sleeves. I remember him saying that he was going to "dance his ass off tonight" and at another point in the show he was going on about how important it is to have sex everyday. I'm not sure, but I think Mike Watt was on bass that night and they also had a female singer there who sang one song solo. The most explosive point in the show was when they played Porno for Pyros. In my head I can still hear Perry yelling "We are Porno for Pyyyyrrroosss!" The place went nuts! I don't remember the exact set list b/c it was so long ago, but some of the other songs they did were Sadness, Meija, Cursed Female, Bad Shit, Black Girlfriend, Tahitian Moon, Good God's Urge, and Wishing Well. The encore was 100 Ways and Kimberly Austin when they all came out and sat on stools on stage, very intimate. Definitely one of my favorite shows.

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