I saw Porno For pyros on the second stage. IT was such a good experience. I managed to weasle my way up to the front bar, and got to see then up close. Stephen Perkins was playing with a pen on this little bongo,timbale, tambourine setup in the front. It was an accoustic set. Anyways, I got the pen, but then lost it later on. There were a shitload of bodysurfers during this show. I kept getting kicked in the head. After a while security wouldn't let them go over the bar and they kept throwing them back, people were falling all over, one person hit her head on the stage. Perry brought out these dancers. At one point he was handed a joint from some guy in the crowd and smoked some of it and then shared it with peter and steve. The stage was covered with flowers and perry had on some elaborate outfit (as usual). i forget the setlist but i remember it had good gods urge and tahitian moon. At the end, during pets, he came into the ground level on the other side of the bar and me and this guy sang pets with perry. It was great. We sang the second part of "We make great pets". So perry would say "we'll make gets pets", then we would say "we'll make great pets". It was great. IT was such an experience. There was definately a positive vibe coming from them on stage.. That's all i really remember.. Sorry it's been a while

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