from G. Murphy...

07/18/92 Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheater (Lollapalooza- second stage)

Lollapalooza 2- The Sequel!! Well this day had all manner of weird shit
happening. I picked up my friend in Oakland and headed over to Bill Graham's
Shoreline- Traffic was a bitch and this one car was infront of us the whole
way and parked next to us in the lot. What was strange about the car was
there was a cute japanese girl with dyed white hair driving solo-turns out
when I looked backstage that was Perry's girlfriend??!!
I have always had weird shit happen like that surrounding Jane's.

Anyway I got in the show and picked up tickets at will-call. to make a long
story short my family owned a #1 CHR Radio Station in Stiockton California
1991-1995- as result the record labels would always set us up with good
tickets and freebies. I got a pair of "partial-access" bracelets to get to
part of the backstage area-basically the part where the catering,basketball
court, and video games were. I went into this area to grab some lunch and
ending up shooting hoops with Ice Cubes and Ice T-that was classic! Larry
White was there wearning a name tag with the Warner Brothers logo on it-he
was the tour manager for Jane's first leg of Nothing's Shocking- I talked to
him about the Tiptiana's New Orleans Jane's soundbaord because Perry goes
off about Larry White because it was his last night on the road with
Janes-he was psyched to hear there was a tape, gave me his addy and I sent
him a copy..Thanks to Larry he told me that Porno's were playing a susprise
set at the 2nd stage around 2pm. Remember Dave Kendall that British guy from
120 minutes? He was hanging about with a camera-man and I told him about the
PFP susprise performance- that cameraman was there filming it-I wonder if
any of that ever got out??

Allright! The bonus PFP made the day. That second stage at Shoreline was
friggin TINY. I mean we are talking maybe 20 ft across and 12 feet deep. It
was roughly 4 feet off the ground. Word got around about Porno's set fairly
gradually. When I got to the stage around 1:20 there were maybe 10 people
there. I got upfront and by showtime there was about 75 people waiting just
sitting on the lawn. Perry casually walked right up to the stage and around
back where he could clearly be seen by fans -they were shouting PERRY!!
Anyway Ted Gardner jumped onto the small stage and started doing a vocal
check, there was some kid smoking a sneak-a-toke right by me in front of the
stage and Ted leans over and asks the kid "can I have some Mate?" and the
kid gave him the pipe and he took two huge hits...classic!
Porno took the stage and Perry was in a great mood, they ROCKED! This
was 1000% better than the Palladium show just months earlier. Perry was
jumping all over the place doing some of his old school Jane's style
"marionette/mime on speed" dance moves.
Some poor kid lost his drivers license/wallet, and Ted handed it to Perry.
Perry cut a joke and said I have somebody's wallet here, the crowd laughed
because Perry made a gesture like he would keep it. He made a refernce about
stealing it- and I remember everybody cheered because just for split second
there I thought they were going to play BCS- no go.
Perry was like a happy father because he helped spawn Lollapalooza, saying
this is great day, and a great place to kick-off Lolla 2. The best memory I
have of this set was when PFP started playing and I turned around to see
hoardes of kids running towards the stage area. Perry talked alot between
songs and it seemed that the fans started coming when he was talking because
they recognized his voice...

The rest of the day was kind of lame, Pearl Jam had horrible sound, Jesus &
Mary Chain did not work in the sunshine,Ministry did rock, and it was cool
to see RHCP with Arik Marshall- I have seen every line-up of the Peppers-but
I am still partial to the Cabaret Metro Uplift Mofo Party Plan tour with the
original Faith No More opening...

G. Murphy

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