From Ken--

Hi -- I was at the Medicine Show at the Palladium in '92. The set was acoustic, with Steve playing bongos. Perry was wearing some sort of makeup or something that made the lights reflect brightly off of him. I was front and center, when Perry stopped the band after a few bars; he looked down and yelled (not miked) "I can't hear a fucking thing!" He picked-up the mic and said "Turn it down -- I want my people to hear!"
The set was great. Everybody was so glad to see them; the energy was incredible! I don't really recall the 3 PFP songs they played -- no album to refer to, yet, and recreational activities make the memory a little dull, but the encore -- My Time -- was unforgettable! People in LA (myself included) were still mourning the demise of Jane's, and this song came as total rapture!

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