This is from Kerrang in August 1993.

Reading Festival
I was never a big fan of Jane's Addiction; credibility is an over-rated commodity. I'd actually thought Rage Against The Machine would be better suited to tonight's headlining slot... but that was before I was bowled over by PORNO FOR PYROS haunting, fluid soundscapes. They simultaneously manage to bathe and batter, and the dancers, hermaphrodites and other assorted oddities all add to the festival atmosphere.
The downside to Porno For Pyros is that Perry Farrell is a bit of a jerk. Okay, so sycophantic frontmen who tell us all how great we are can get on your tits, but Farrell seems intent on constantly informing us that he's an experienced adult of 35, whereas we're all snot-nosed kids who also happen to be "half-dead", "cockroaches" and "not worth a shit". Offering people out when you're protected by four foot wide security guards is neither big nor clever, and comments like "You're white-what the fuck have you got to worry about?" would be laughable if is wasn't so sad.
Great band, shame about the gob.

[thank Gaby for typing this up for us.]

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