Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 23:41:45 -0400
Subject: porno show not shown on your site...

hey i was checking out your site and saw your missing a
show i went to of porno. they played the second stage at
lollapalooza in irvine on sep13 92
i remember they played like 4 songs tops and played in
rage against the machines second stage spot...(maybe why
they let rage open for them later?
the crowd was an LA crowd and was going apeshit crazy
for perry...i don't know for sure but something makes me
think flea was playing bass? rhcp's were playing that
venue on main stage....porno played when ice cube was on
the main stage and noone was here ..everyone wanted to see
what perry had up his sleeve...people were climbing
light poles and jumping off 15 feet to the ground..crazy
shit that was so short i was pissed when it was over...i
thought at the time this was one of there first shows
cause perry said something about...we are just learning
these and will have new songs soon.

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