From Kristen--

10-4-96 Capitol Theater

This was absolutely my favorite show that I've ever been to. I don't think the show was quite sold out being that it was in Westchester and not NYC. The venue was incredible. There were seats in the back on the floor and also in the balcony, which was literally about 20 feet from the stage. Porno was on fire that night. I couldn't believe the amount of enery Perry had that night. Before the show my friend was in the bathroom trying to score some trips when she met a girl who said she was a good friend of Perry's and she also offered my friend heroin (she declined). So as soon as the show starts we realize this girl is one of the dancers on stage so that was kind of weird. They opened with Orgasm and Perry was wearing a black hat that he was kind of dancing around with. He was like a maniac that night. He was all over the stage, climbing on top of the drums, and constantly pulling girls up on stage until there was about 20 girls on stage and he let them stay there the whole show. At one point he brought out his brother and introduced him and I remember that before playing Good God's Urge, Perry said that he had wrote the song for a friend so the friend would get well but it turns out that the friend got very sick. Some of the songs they did were Sadness(played very slow), Porno for Pyros, Meija, Pets, Bad Shit, Black Girlfriend, Tahitian Moon, Thick of it All, Wishing Well, and Dogs Rule the Night. The encore was 100 Ways and Kimberly Austin. Oh yeah, they played Mountain Song too, how could I forget that? Anyway, I could go on and on about how great this show was. I went with about 9 people, half who didn't even know who PFP was, and every single person left feeling exactly the same as me.

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