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Porno For Pyros
12/02/95 Seattle, WA, Center Arena (Deck the Hall Ball)

When I first heard Porno For Pyros were playing a Christmas show in Seattle, I was so excited! It would be the first time I got to see a man who I admired as a pure genius, Perry Farrell, in concert. I arrived at the Mercer Arena in only a t-shirt, and standing in line it was about 8,000 degrees below zero and I was shaking and shivering uncontrollably. Well anyways, it was one of those modern rock fests, and a bunch of bands like Everlclear, the Rentals, and Oasis played first. Then Sonic Youth played an amazing set. Then Porno for Pyros finally took that stage, setting the mood with Porpoise Head. This was the first string of shows they had ever tried their new and improved songs at, and Good God's Urge wasn't due on store shelves for a couple more months, so this new music was a surprise to everybody! The slow, swaying motion of Porpoise Head set the gigantic sea of bodies into crushing, pushing, swirling mayhem, and I could barely breath. But this also, to me, indicated the excitement in the air; everybody was there to see Porno, and everyone wanted to be up front. The songs were all new, so I don't really recall the setlist. They played Pete's Dad, GG:U, Meija, Bad Shit.. in the middle of the show Perry blazed up a j, passed it to all the members, and then Watt just stuck it in his mouth and puffed on it for a song or two. There was an encore of Mountain Song, and I forget what else because I was too busy fending for my life! I just remember I left that night REALLY happy, and excited that I had seen a great show. ryan

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