Cancelled Shows
12-27-88 San Francisco, CA, The Stone
08-29-90 Reading Festival, England (Perry lost his voice the night before)
10-07-90 Amsterdam, Netterlands, Paradiso [.]
03-29-91 Rumini, Italy (Perry was sick.. maybe partied on his birthday too hard?)
05-23-91 Rapid City, SD (Lolla show..apparently low ticket sales caused the show to get canceled)
09-??-91 MTV Studios, New York, NY (fabled MTV Unplugged taping that never came together)
09-??-97 Europe (the Relapse originally planned to play some European promo shows)
07-06-03 Minneapolis, MN, Target Center (Lolla show.. low ticket sales?)
07-30-03 Virginia Beach, VA, GTE Amp (Lolla show.. low ticket sales?)
08-02-03 Raleigh, NC, Alltel Pavilion (Lolla show.. low ticket sales?)
12-27-03 Palace of Aubrutn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI (Jane's tired; taking break)
12-28-03 Patriot Center, GMU, Fairfax, VA (Jane's tired; taking break)
12-31-03 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (Jane's tired; taking break)
01-02-04 Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA (Jane's tired; taking break)
01-03-04 Tweeter Center At the Waterfront, Camden, NJ (Jane's tired; taking break)


Canceled Australia shows
One of the biggest mysteries of the Jane's show list are the exact dates of the September '91 Australian shows. You wouldn't expect that information to be so hard to find but nobody can seem to remember
UPDATE: Thanks to David McDonald we know one: "i was at the sydney hordern pavillion show and i know it was definitely 22/09/1991".
UPDATE#2: Thanks to Melina, we know a couple more: "I saw them play in Melbourne at The Metro in '91 and if my memory serves me well it was on the 17th of September, it was a Tuesday and they played the next night as well, also at The Metro."
UPDATE#3: the mystery is finally solved, and reflected on the main show list, thanks to a dude going by the username NothingsShocking who won an old tour itinerary off eBay in November 2006.
The shows were actually rescheduled from June (the original shows were canceled because the guys were exhausted and wanted to rest up for Lollapalooza). Thanks to Richard Clothier for passing on a magazine ad for the original shows that were later canceled...