(((unsure shows)))
These are Jane's shows people have told me they have vague recollections of, but can't narrow down the exact date. These are gonna be left off the main show list until it can be better determined when they happened (like, which month, at least).

86 - Los Angeles, CA, Co-Co Club (this show can be found on "Live 1986" officially released cd)

86 or 87 - San Francisco, CA, Rough Trade Records (acoustic)

87 - Dallas, TX, Bronco Bowl (opening for love and rockets)

87 - Durham, NC, Page Auditorium (opening for love and rockets)

87 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Summers on the Beach

87 or 88 - Berkeley, CA, Berkeley Square

The Venue, Edinburgh, Scotland ("i think autum 1988.I have ticket at home in scrapbook"- Ann-B)

(((questionable shows)))
Some of these shows are on the main list, but their legitimacy is questionable. Others are false shows from mislabeled bootleg recordings.

03-02-86 San Diego, CA, SDSU
A commonly mislabeled bootleg of 1/27/87 King's Hall, USC.

08-20-86 & 08-28-86 Los Angeles, CA - Roxy
One of these shows may actually be a mislabel of the other. While it's possible the band played the same place 8 days apart, it seems doubtful.

08-03-87 Kansas City, MO
There's a bootleg claiming to be this date/location.. but the date is likely false, as "mountain song" and "jane says" are both greeted with loud applause, meaning it was more likely a Nothing's Shocking-era show. Plus I don't think the band was even touring out of CA at the time.

12-31-87 Los Angeles, CA, Variety Arts Theater
There's a bootleg claiming to be from here. But the 12/31/87 show was actually at an L.A. club called The Glamour, as a flyer proves. Is that bootleg of the Glamour show or a whole different show? Yeah, it's possible Jane's could have played at two New Years Eve party shows as long as they weren't the headliner, but probably not. Barton, a big L.A.-area fan from way back, also doubts the Variety Arts Theater show took place.

08-01-88 Pittsburg, PA, Syria Mosque
Again, a bootleg claims to be this date/location. Apparently was mislabeled. It's actually 9/21/88 [same location]. Opening for the Ramones.

01-23-89 Houston, TX and 01-19-89 The Numbers, Houston, TX
Once again, mislabeled bootlegs are to blame. Apparently both shows are actually 01-14-89 Houston, TX, The Numbers.

03-29-89 Seattle, WA, Paramount Theater
There's a bootleg of a show claiming to be 2/29/89, but there was no 29th of February in 1989, so people assumed it must have been 3/29/89. There is some evidence, however, that both dates are wrong and it's actually 4/17/89 Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre.

10-07-90 Amsterdam, Netterlands, Paradiso
Yep.. a bootleg claims to be from this show, but if you read the "canceled shows" section of this site, you know the show was cancelled. The recording is actually from the rescheduled show, which took place on 10/19/90 at the same venue.