Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 21:13:25 PDT
From: "Keith Richards" <>
Subject: Jane's Live Shows

I stumbled across your "Jane's Live Shows" site today as I was trying to
figure out when & where a show took place.
With your help I have figured out that I have a vinyl copy of L.A. 5/9/88 @
The Wiltern? The label has a completely different set list that what is on
the record?
You are missing the 1989 show in SLC, UT on your list it was at the same
place as the 12-07-90 Salt Lake City, UT "Fairgrounds Coliseum".
I am not certain of the date in 1989 but it was a $5.00 show sponsored by a
local radio station - I think it was KJQ?? - If you really want to know I am
sure Mike Summers can tell you. Mike was the program manager of KJQ and
still does some work for the corporation that bought the station. owned by Simmons Media I think.
Anyway, I was at both shows and I can't really remember either one.
The thing that stands out about the 1989 show was Perry's green dreads and
he had this huge, orange foam cowboy hat on.
The 1990 show is a bit clearer I remember Primus opened and I was in awe of
Les Claypool. Perry kept bitching about the sound and Navarro seemed like
he collapsed towards the end. I also remember getting wine stains on a white
shirt from Perry's bottle he was shaking over the front of the stage. I
think my little sister still has that shirt.
So.... cool web site - take care.
Ray Ray