1-10-86 Black Radio Club, Los Angeles, CA
It wasn't really a club, it was a recording studio in a first floor 
walk up on Hollywood Blvd. in what I assume was the offices of Black 
Radio association of America of something like that.  How Perry found 
the space I don't know. The building is still there, but that's the 
only time I've ever heard of anything going on in side of it.  Tex and 
the Horseheads were the headliners.  When Perry launched Jane's he very 
ingeniously set up some big parties with bigger bands as the headliners.  
Jane's would play right before them around 11:30 - midnight and blow 
them off the stage.  The word was that these parties were bankrolled 
(renting the spaces, buying kegs of beer, renting p.a.'s, stage, 
noiminal lighting) by Perry's Hooker friend who he wrote the song 
Whores about.
- Jack (2005)

1. whores
2. pigs in zen
3. mountain song
4. idiots rule
5. kettle whistle
6. ain't no right
7. had a dad
8. my time
9. i got a right (iggy pop cover)