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This show was at Cooperage Hall in UCLA, but Perry made a comment like 'Pizza Hut pizzas for everyone.' or something, so this show has since become known as the "Pizza Hut show."

here's a review of the show...
Jane's Addiction, The Cooperage, 1/22/87

Wailing metal crashing, thunder drums pumping earth, shaking bass.
The medicine man appears in a hail storm of distortion, flailing his body at the churning earthquake of sound, screaming on his three tribesmen.
Jane's Addiction turned the Cooperage into a psycho den of power metal and cultish beats that had enough supernatural soundwaves to call up every spirit and demi-god that ever haunted the hollow ground.
Noises came from every direction out of lead guitarist's David Navarro's amp while the drummer concentrated on one of his rapid fire tribal thumpings. The audience was digging it and the band was slamming it.
Looking like the descendents from a lost tribe of early seventies metal worshipers, Jane's Addiction's sound reflects their stray appearance.
Their music is like nothing that has ever come out of the headphones of any Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin zoner; this stuff is new with a capital N.
Based upon strong rhythms that pound and groove like a Hopi rain dance, the sound cracks into your soul and the guitar blankets the beat with an ethereal wave of eerie, mood-based compositions that, as the beat gets faster, transcend into some very danceable head hitting metal.
The focal point of the band is their eclectic singer Perry Farrell, who looks like a shaman from hell. His voice goes over the raging sound with a vengeance. Farrell's range is incredible; whether screaming along with the guitar or carrying a melody, he keeps the crowd entertained. And when he's not singing he's bouncing across the stage performing rock and roll rituals that could inspire a Catholic priest to grow his hair out and put on an AC/DC T-shirt.
I saw Jane's Addiction last summer at the Roxy when they opened for The Dream Syndicate, but this show at the Cooperage was much more powerful in terms of the bands sound and their songs. This show demonstrated a band with a clear sound, a tough and yet easily danceable sound unique to them.
If you want to party, then this band will be your savior. They have the best new sound in Los Angeles and more energy by far than any of those David Lee Roth, pretty-boy, heavy-metal bands currently clogging up the stage at Gazzarris.
--Kurt Hueg bruin review

[thanks to sonny for sending this in]