Fri, 26 Oct 2001 03:01:36 PDT
"noize boy"
JA Manchester 89


Your site was brought to my attention by a contributor to the 1% forum. you
wanted confirmation that an English show in 1989 took place. Well, I can
confirm that Jane's played at Manchester's International 1 on Tuesday 25th
January 1989. It was a small venue and a small crowd (certainly no more than
150 people). They were supported by Birdland who were suitably odd. The
stage was a temporary affair consisting of large wooden blocks which raised
the band about 1/2 metre above the audience. There was no kind of barrier or
crowd control so those of us at the front got viciously bruised shins from
the stage as we flopped over the monitors. It remains the most awesome gig
of my life to this day. Hearing Ocean Size & Ted... live - unspeakably cool.

After the show the band came out to the front of house and chilled with the
fans still left in the club. I was sad enough to get their autographs.

As for the Leeds show, as far as I know they didn't pull any scheduled dates
so I'd be fairly confident it happened. You only list Manchester and Leeds,
but I thought there were more dates than that in the UK?

Hope this info's of some use to you.