From Keith--

Much better venue than when I saw them at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas on 11/7/90, all general admission with bleachers around the edges; basically a airplane hanger/gymnasium layout. Horrible local opening act, The Chainsaw Kittens, made me wish for 24/7 Spys from the previous show. In fact, after Whores, Perry said "Geez, you guys must get a lot of bad music around here," apparently referring to the opening band. Highlights of this show: Dave hitting the opening chords of Ziggy Stardust right before Up the Beach, I thought I was in heaven for a second, but they didn't play the whole song. The violinist for Camper Van Beethoven was great. Standing in the Shower was extra funky, Steve was on. The crowd was more rowdy than the Dallas show - I almost bit the floor during Stop!. Before the encore I had to retreat to the bleachers, but I'm glad I did because I had a great vantage point to see the entire crowd bounce up and down in unison during an incredible Ocean Size. All in all, to this day they're best live band I've ever experienced.
Various friends of mine actually got backstage at both of these shows, later they recounted their tales of various illegal activities, some good (Austin), some not-so-good (Dallas), but oh well...