Jane's Addiction, Rock City Angels, LA fashion show, Scream 2/14/87

There's a reason for this Jane's Addiction's ascendancy in the local constellations of Rockhalla: They're one great band. They've been compared to Led Zeppelin in the past, but to do so now would be selling them short-they cut through the genres and cut out the bullshit, breaking down the barriers and forcefully reuniting you with your primitive self.
This couldn't be said about the opening band Rock City Angels. Though they play some good ol' "get 'em drunk and kick 'em in the gutter" AC/DC-inspired rock and roll, it was all by rote and on the whole unconvincing. Tired!
Maybe they were just worn out by the LA Fashion Show presented by "Ramp Tramp" and featuring gorgeous gloomsters displaying fur, feathers, thighs, and breast-it was like Thanks-giving at Bob Guccinone's. With these beautiful models mingling with the crowd, this turned out to be one exotic, erotic Valentine's Day night at the Scream.
--S.C. Frank
Rocker's Report, LA weekly 2/20-26/87

[thanks to sonny for sending this in]