I was at the show in Orlando on Feb 18, 1991.  It was simply the greatest concert I have ever attended.  I have seen over 350 concerts in my time, and this night was special. The show took place at the Orlando Sports Club, which was a small Barn.  The Barn had a dirt floor, hockey boards (with no glass), and wooden bleachers, which ran only about 8-10 rows deep.  I'd have to say they hosted many small-time Rodeos, and maybe it was also a home for junior indoor soccer.  I know for sure they showed and raised livestock there, because there wasn't a parking lot.  The parking lot for the show (1,000 people) was a cow pasture. 

The show it self was flawless (sober night), the acoustics were also perfect (who would have thought that?).  High-lites of the show, Summertime Rolls and Three Days.  It's been 13 years, I'll probably have to see another 350 or so rock concerts before I'll see another show like that.

EVERYONE KNEW IT! when the show was over - Maybe best Jane's show ever?

Jason Smith - Kelleys Island, OH