the setlist....
no one's
3 days
shower... thinking
then she did
of course
been caught stealing

Here's a review of the show originally published in Kerrang magazine...

Marquee, London
PERRY FARRELL may well appear onstage to much cheering and clapping, but I'm a bit sceptical cos tonight he looks like a cross between a train spotter and a member of New Kids On The Block in his waifish cap, button-up-to-the-neck mac, baggy slacks, white socks and big black shiny shoes. Fortunately, he proves my worrying to be in vain by promptly imitating an orangutan having an epileptic fit, while his Mickey Mouse voice sounds more enchanting than ever.
During the brilliant "No One's Leaving" Farrell finally takes off the aforementioned naff jacket and cap to reveal a vest, braces and his recently shaven bonce. "I'm a skinhead now," he boasts. "I'm gonna infiltrate and tell them about black people-hargh hargh hargh!" He seems to be really enjoying the crowd tonight, and has pelnty of banter with them: "We want to fuck you," shouts one swooning girl into his mike. "Okay, take a number and join the queue," he replies.
During the pulsating epic of "3 Days", Jane's Addiction prove what talented musicians barefooted Stephen Perkins (drums), Eric No-last-name (bass) and cool-as-fuck-in-shades Dave Navarro (guitar) are. A stagediver clambers onstage, kisses Farrell on the cheek, shakes his hand, then happily dives back into the grooving crowd where he belongs. That is the effect this band have on people.
With "Then She Did..." the band are joined onstage by, "The luv-er-ly Mor-gaaaaan...," a hippyish lass who provide some hauntingly beautiful violin, making the song even more dramatic live than on album.
For the encore they play the mesmerising "Of Course", then finish with their latest single "Been Caught Stealing" sending the masses into a hyperactive frenzy.
The end comes far too soon, and as the band trail from their stage one last time, there's no doubt at all in my mind that Jane's is the biggest addiction of all.
Simone McBain

BIG thanks to Gaby for typing this up and sending it to me.