from CusCaTLÁNaco

04-17-89 Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre

This was the 2nd show so Janes was doing it again, I was with my male friend John and another female friend Michelle, we were like in the tenth row and moved up to the front seats during the opening band. John had broke a bottle of DRAKKAR perfume on me before the show so it just permeated my skin. the lights went black as I was teetering on the seat about to fall into the pit, bass lines to up the beach and Red Smoke flooding the stage, Perry came out wearing red dreads and infamous Mexican Sombrero with the deely bobs hanging off it. He raised his botle of wine, welcoming us and drinking to us, on the first scream, a Transvestite Drag quen in a yellow wig and black and white striped leggings grabbed my arm and I fell into the PIT a sea of swirling spiritual sound and bliss....Home....Home...Home..... I think Ocean Size was next. Somebody threw a strapon dildo on the stage, Perry grabbed it and put it on his head bouncing around like a Jackrabbit. Eric had Flourescent Green Hair, Best show of my life.