hello, my name is john scott, and i'm a longtime jane's fan who's now starting to get
back into them, and discovering all of these kick ass sites dedicated to janes. i've
noticed that your site is one of the very few that tries to list every tour date, and i'd
like to add to your list a setlist and review of the one show I was fortunate enough to
see. May 15, 91 Deer Creek Music Theatre, Indianapolis Indiana. This show
was on my 13th birthday, and by no coincedence, the day i started to become a
man. The Rollins Band opened up, with maybe 200 people actually watching his
set (which was a shame, after seeing Henry live is when i started getting into his
back catalog). The Rollins Band set was ferocious and pounding. Jane's hit the
stage a little after 9, and played for almost 90 minutes, with a lot of talk from Perry.
At one point, Perry told the crowd how we killed John Wayne by making him film a
movie in the desert where nuclear bombs had been set off. The band seemed tight
that night (I'm a musician myself, and have heard live shows where they've been off,
but i didn't notice any major fuckups, and Perry was on key). I just wished they
would have played longer. on a side note, 60 arrests were made at the venue for

The set list (i still have the paper i wrote on in the car after the show was over, but
this isn't the exact order of the show, but these are all of the songs they played,
because i think i was the only one there who wasn't stoned.)- up the
beach-whores-no one's leaving- ain't no right- standing in the shower-had a dad-
three days- summertime rolls-mountain song-been caught stealing- stop- encore
was jane says...