Excerpted from Melody Maker, August 1991...

Their first farewell starts in disappointment and ends in disaster as all four members appear to be playing in different time zones. Perry apologises for being drunk and guitarist David Navarro is too wasted to be sorry about anything.
"Pigs In Zen" is a calamity, "Idiots Rule" is worse and "Stop" is almost tragic. Navarro staggers across the stage as Perry sings the a cappella "Hum along with me, along with the TV", but the grand climax becomes farcical when Navarro's guitar cuts out, leaving the rest of the band high and dry. Still seething, the guitarist takes off his guitar and hoists it high into the air. It arcs and tailspins about 40 feet from the stage, almost impaling some poor spectator.
"Fuck that shit, man," Ice-T says from the sound desk. "We never throw nothing offstage," he adds and then dispatches two of the Rhyme Syndicate to retrieve the guitar just in case it survived the flight.
Back in the dressing room, the drunken fracas has turned into a full-scale fist fight between Farrell and Navarro as tempers boil over in the hear. Round One ends when both parties reluctantly agree to encore with "Ocean Size", but this decision only compounds the drama. Halfway through the song, Perry grabs his guitarist from behind and starts spinning him round. The crowd start to cheer, obviously convinced they're watching some new ballet routine. As the two men spin faster and faster, it dawns on everyone that this is no act, it's a band disintegrating before their very eyes. Navarro attempts to break free from the whirligig, kicks over his amp, grabs his guitar by the neck and attempts to fell Perry with one mighty blow. He only just misses, so decides the guitar must go. It's slammed into the monitors and splinters, then the body is heaved into the crowd.
"Yo," Ice observes, "I think my homie's having a breakdown." Ice's second understatement of the day.
"Ocean Size" ends up puddle size, the song collapsing when Navarro exits stage left, Farrell follows swiftly behind, his eyes glazed with fury. As the crowd starts screaming "Bullshit, bullshit", the two sparring partners begin Round Two with a jab and two upper-cuts. It's not a pretty sight and finally the two are dragged apart.
"I could have broken him in two," Farrell later admits. "I didn't want to fight him, I kept telling him I didn't want to cos I love the guy really, he's young and talented... He said he'd never been in a fight before in his life...." His voice trails away and Farrell is left in silence.
This is Jane's Addictions worst nightmare. The one thing all four members were committed to on this tour was going out in style, with a bang. Tonight, they ended with a simper and a few guitar splinters.
"Good thing this isn't the end end, " Farrell comments. "There's still a tomorrow."

[Thanks to Gaby for sending this in.]