Words cannot describe exactly what went down at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco last Saturday night. "Juana's Addiccion" came through like one giant freight train and left no one standing. The crowd at the Warfield was very psyched to be in the house for the last of only two US dates (the other being in Las Vegas two nights prior) by Jane's Addiction and so was the band. It was the place to be.
The stage setup looked like it was covered in spider webs, all white, semi-transparent, wrinkled, dryer sheet like material was covering the entire stage. At times it looked like a spider web and at others it appeared more like an ice cave.

To begin the show, all of the boys except for Perry came out on stage for "Up the Beach," a great instrumental show opener which probably gave Perry a few extra minutes to compose himself well enough for the insanity that was inside the Warfield. From the beginning, Dave Navarro was on top of his game and did not disappoint. He played with a very dark and explosive guitar style that was on a level without par. He probably brought us the closest we should ever come to the feeling of a heroin trip.

As a veteran of the stage, Perry Farrell commands a great deal of respect with his awe inspiring performances. His stage presence is extremely powerful and it was fitting for him to come on to sing "Whores." His attire consisted of a purple suit with a big purple top hat that had white feathers shooting out of the front of it like a peacock. Upon the first notes of the song "Whores" (which was the second song), our fancy friend Perry came out full throttle and sprinted straight up to the front of the stage and leaned out to the crowd. He fulfilled the part of a circus ringleader, he was the center of attention and he knew it. He jerked his head all around while doing his own unique dances. He would change attire twice more throughout the night, adorning a white polyester suit with another white top hat similar to the one he was wearing previously. Towards the end of the night he pimped a black suit with rhinestones and sparkles taboot!

There were moments of the show which were emulsifying, as would be expected during a song like "Three Days." In one of the most dramatic moments of the night, Perry stood on the front edge of the stage (on top of the speakers) in a Jesus Christ pose with his arms spread out in a T while singing the chorus "Erotic Jesus ...All of us with wings!" Further proving that he is the king of his stage and audience.

Surprisingly, my personal highlight of the night had to be "Ocean Size." After a brief departure midway through the show, Perry Farrell came running back like a turbulent wave to give us an "Ocean Size" so great and powerful it immersed us all. Like a reptile shedding his skin, our ringleader came out completely different this time and with twice as much intensity! One could only guess at what he had been up to backstage, but his return marked a complete transformation in the mood of the show. I felt that this was the highlight of the night for me. As he belted the lyrics "I want to be more like the OCEAN no talk and All Action!” His enthusiasm drowned the crowd and left no one afloat.

There certainly were other highlights; including a an incredible "Ain't No Right," a beautiful "Summertime Rolls" and a heartfelt "Jane Says" during the final encore.

They closed the night out with "Chip Away"...everything they played was exceptional. The new songs ("Bring the Mood," "Suffer Some," and "Hypersonic") picked up exactly where ritual left off and I believe most people were in agreement.

At one point in the show, Perry made a comment about "Hmm, there must be something in that San Francisco Water," referring to the intense energy level and enthusiasm of the crowd. After the final encore, Perry Farrell left the crowd with one last statement (using a Spanish accent), "We are Juana's Addiccion, and that was a San Francisco show."

Often times I am reassured that I am at the right place at the right time when I ask myself, "Is there any other place I'd rather be in the world at this moment in time?" Tonight my answer was a definite NO, it was the place to be.

Main Set:
1. Up The Beach
2. Whores
3. Stop!
4. Ain't No Right
5. Three Days
6. Pigs In Zen (Before the song, Perry began calling everyone filthy and dirty pigs in a very coy-like voice)
7. Sparks (Instrumental - The Who cover)
8. Ocean Size
9. Bring The Mood (live debut)
10. Been Caught Stealing
11. Summertime Rolls

12. In The Flesh (Instrumental Pink Floyd cover)
13. Mountain Song
14. Suffer Some
15. Hypersonic

2nd Encore:
16. Jane Says
17. Chip Away

Daniel Rudas

JamBase | San Francisco
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[Published on 7/23/2002]