8/18/91 lakewood amphitheatre atlanta GA review by sonny

Well this was my second time seeing jane's addiction and I was prepared. I snuck into the better ampitheatre seats. I sat through a wonderful mellow set of siouxsie and the gang. I waited for the lights to darken so I could listen for the wonderful chime of "up the beach" because I knew it was coming. I jumped to the arms of my seat to stand tall and look with all might for perry and there he came greeting us with his habitual bottle of wine. Red I'm sure.
And then just as before(11/11/90 B'ham) I caught myself in a trance and couldn't take my eyes of the stage. So I watched this beauty unfold until "then she did..." and my friend not being a big fan pulls me down mid-way through to tell me how "this is the closest I have ever felt to a religious experience". I felt them same as though we were all on a state higher than we actually were. I couldn't believe this band was not going on forever. I am so glad I did get to see them in rare form and twice at that. And as they ended with "chip away" and members of butthole surfers and body count joined the pounding as ice-T and many others watched from side staged. (There is just nothing that powerful) they all pounded the shit out of those coolers like they were drums from god and perry took over with voice wailing. Stephen played a drum to the side and gave up his spot for others and eric and dave took their normal positions in between the added help. I decided at that moment this was the greatest song I had ever heard live. And fortunately I now have it taped.

Here is some other junk the atlanta constitutional said.

After about seven hours of rock, punk, rap in the sun and low-keyed exchanges of ideas at information booths, the Lollapalooza festival turned snarly and sneery Sunday night at Lakewood Amphitheatre.
The cause of it all-in addition to being the primary reason for a capacity crowd of about 18,500-was Jane's Addiction. The eclectic, alternative-rock band is making its farewell tour the festival and singer-songwriter Perry Farrell said goodbye to Georgia in a frequently vicious fashion.
"You guys are cultural. You've got everything-don't you have the Ku Klux Klan?" Mr.Farrell said about 30 minutes into Jane's Addiction's set. "What's the problem?"
The crowd responded with boos, which delighted the acid-tongued Mr. Farrell. Earlier, he complained about the sound not being loud enough, railed a "bunch of (bleeps)," and even offered advice about stealing from hotel gift shops.
It was a charged ending for what had been a generally passive afternoon and evening of music. But it was predicted by Siouxsie of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the last of the six acts that preceded Jane's Addiction.
The concert, headlined and brainstormed by Los Angeles art-rock outfit Jane's Addiction succeeded in it's ecunenical goals to bring together fans of disparate strings of rock, rap, pop and industrial music. But it was hard to say exactly what that meant.

Lollapalooza footnote; from me; I think this was the best line up of any of the years. With the exception of living color which I skipped. Henry rollins was raw in the blazing sun. butthole surfers where nuts shooting and breaking bottles. Ice-T and body count were something I would not normally see. Nine inch nails belonged in a much darker setting but were still good. Siouxse was a nice addition to all the harder music.