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Jane's Addiction
Shoreline Amphitheater
Friday, October 26, 2001

Set List –
Main Stage:
Kettle Whistle
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Three Days
Summertime Rolls

Center Stage:
Jane Says
Some new jam/intro
Classic Girl
Helter Skelter
Hungry (Navarro)
Happy Birthday Jubilee

Return to Main Stage:
Up the beach (Instrumental)
Mountain song
Ted, just admit it (with a lucky fan helping out with vocals on one chorus)
Chip away

What an amazing show: Sound and Visual. It's all about the freedom. Met every
expectation and blew some of them away. Opening up with "Kettle Whistle", Perry
came out with a HUGE dress, which had about 6 half naked ladies underneath. He changes
into a black and red velvet-looking suit, and begins to hit the natural-super-rock-hero we
all know with "Ocean Size". Dave was rippin' it all out with a guitar that looked like
Eddie Van Halen's '5150' guitar.

There was a very long and different into to "Ain't No Right". Not quite the usual heavy
bass intro.

Perry raps a bit then goes into the hypnotic "Three Days", building through all the
movements. I think Perry may have introduced the band at this point (he recognizes
the band like 3 times throughout the show) Perry raps a bit more about the freedom and
asks, 'are you going to "Stop"'?!, which they go into immediately.
They slow it down and go into "Summertime Rolls", which was great as always. The
song changes and the band leaves for the center stage.

There was a nice groove playing during all this. Then there's a presence of THE
gypsies and carnival people moving through the audience, fire twirlers on side stages. We
enjoyed these people's antics before the show by the food/beer area. They performed
gracefully to carnival music and generally got their trance on. They really got the vibe
going before Jane's went on. Anyway, there they were apparently escorting the band to

the center stage, or causing a distraction while the band took the center stage. Before
you know it they're on the center stage and that LONG groove turns into (or already was) a
familiar "Jane's Says" intro. Perry looks like a cross between Pokemon and Davy

We made our way closer to the center stage during this song, which was way worth it.

There was a lot of improvisation on the center stage with Perry rapping about freedom
and Dave, Steve, or Martyn coming in every now and then. I think he announces the
band by name again here. Then it sounded like they got it together and they were
about to play something, but Perry halted it to continue rapping about this and that. He
talked about love and freedom and went into "Classic Girl"

At some point on the center stage Perry was rapping about how 'we want your
children… you guys like to party… we need you… and your children'. The crowd was very
responsive feeling complimented and entertained. It was just a great vibe of energy out
there. He also spoke to the times, 'there's no terrorism out here… This is a party! …
How many of y'all wanna say, 'Kiss my Ass!' (to the terrorism)?'. They dive
immediately into "Helter Skelter". This was a surprising privilege and treat.

Perry talks more about freedom and how he 'wants his good friend Dave to play one of
his songs'. Dave says hi and plays "Hungry" off his solo 'Trust No One' album.

They return to an improvisational style on the center stage with Steve playing a beat on
bongos and Perry singing 'Steve Perkins, Steve Perkins...'. This builds into an all out
jam, "Happy Birthday Jubilee". The intensity backs down with Perry singing solo on the

center stage "Happy Birthday Jubilee". The whole center stage phase blended and
flowed like a fresh jam session.

After Perry finishes singing solo on the center stage the rest of the band appears back
on the main stage and begins playing "Up The Beach". It was completely instrumental.
Can you imagine Perry's journey back to the main stage with that song filling the place?

Perry arrives back on the main stage decked out in a silver sequence suit and a fuzzy
purple hat worth of Dennis Rodman. He was lookin' like the slickest pimp in the place.
They head right into "Mountain Song". It was America in every sense of the notion.
American rock n' roll, Dave wailing on the guitar wearing blue jeans, standing in front of
an American flag. It's all about the freedom.

They go into "Ted, Just Admit It" and Perry announces the band introductions again this

time including a woman on keyboards (what was her name?). With all the theatrics in
effect at the end of the song Perry jumps onto a 'rotary swing set' that was on stage.
Swinging around the thing screaming 'Sex is Violent'!! The song ends high, the band
leaves the stage, but Steve Perkins stays behind pointing at the audience. You could
tell they wanted to play more. And they did.

The band returns to play "Chip Away" to the remaining audience. They really jammed
all levels of the percussion. It was great. Perry got some mic feedback when he
walked to the side of the stage. He played it off perfect by hiding to the side of the speaker
wall swinging the mic into the front of the speakers producing and experimental 'controlled
feedback'. Then bring it to and end.

The band goes out, but Perry doesn't make it all the way out. He's talking to the fans
on the way out asking, 'Are you good? Are you bad?… You're good, right?' He runs back
to the middle of the stage and drop his pants. He starts running around in his black
underwear with his pants around his knees saying, 'don't you tell anybody!' He runs off
the stage and that was it. We were free to go mingle with the gypsies and carnival
people again.

Some of the sequence might be slightly off, but that's the way I remember it. You
understand how someone can lose time at a Jane's Addiction concert. I highly
recommended you see this show.

Tell me someone recorded this.

On a scale of 1-10…
Visual: 10
Sound: 10
Set List: 10
Band's Stage Presence: 10
Theatrics: 10
Audience: 10
Overall Experience: 10