Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:33:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "R.D.S." <reddeviantscorpion
Subject: 10-29-88 New York, NY, The World

I immediately fell in love with this band as a student DJ in college. As I walked into the studio one
afternoon I caught a glimpse of the cover to "Nothing's Shocking" as it lay on top of a fresh batch
of albums to play -- and my life was changed forever. Their brash, orgasmic hard rock and artistic, punk
tendencies appealed to me in myriad ways. I resolved to catch them live as often as I could.

This was among the first times I ventured out from my Queens home into the city, Manhattan. That I was
going to see this band -- Jane's -- at a hole-in-the-wall club -- the World -- in a seedy part
of town -- Alphabet City -- made the whole experience all the more exciting.

Luckily, I got into the club without having to show ID (I was only 19 at the time, the drinking age was 21).

Local New York band the Stotts opened. Their claim to fame: Leader Richie Stotts, who was the guitarist for
the legendary Plasmatics.

Jane's had a fantastic liquid light show that I had not seen at subsequent concerts of theirs. It was
very psychedelic and added even more excitement to the night.

I wish I could remember the setlist. I do recall walking out of the club completely stunned. The
band's power and ability was overwhelming, and I couldn't wait to see them again.

I do remember two things, though: Perry asking the crowd to throw their drugs up onto the stage for him,
and Perry taking Dave's guitar (that yellow Ibanez of his) and smashing it on the stage until the neck broke
off from the body. To my relatively young eyes and ears, it was salacious, riotous behavior, and they
were now my newfound heroes.