the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...
I Would For You

From Natalie--
total bullshit going on in all aspects of organization and execution of what should've been a phenomenal night for all jane's fans. here's the deal, and i think the same thing happened the night before (30th): due to loads of forgeries and overselling on the part of the hammerstein ballroom, the venue was filled to more than capacity when about 100 people still hadn't been let in. the police and fire department instructed security at the venue not to let one single extra body in or they'd shut the show down. so 100 people, tickets still intact got to hear the show as background noise from outside.

From Jon--
the halloween show was incredible it was without a doubt the best show ive ever seen and ive been to hundrdeds of shows! the set was the same both nights (my brother got flea's set list and the encore was suppose to be 'up the beach' and 'whores' but they played 'i would for you' with just dave and perry.