November 3rd, 2001 @ Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC, Canada


(reviewed by Andrew Mcquillan)

Jane's Addiction put on an amazing show. Anyways, me and my friend Jesse got to the Coliseum at 4:30 and met these two cute girls from Kelowna in the lineup for the door at the back of the arena which goes straight to the floor. They kept singing Chilis, Jane's and John Frusciante songs. Shortly after 6:30, we were let in. I was the third person inside. I went straight to the t-shirt stand and bought a Nothing's Shocking shirt with the Jubilee tour stops on the back.

Stereo MC's came on, with these three back up singers who were pretty hot. It was good for a while, they played 'Connected' and 'Step It Up' but then I just wanted to see Jane's. The lead singer flailed around the stage and also kicked the cymbals on the drum set a few times. He was trying to hype up the crowd. The crowd was pretty receptive but was waiting for Jane's. After 10 songs, they finally left the stage. The wait between Stereo MC's and Jane's Addiction took for fucking ever, waiting for the curtain to drop.

Jane's finally came out and Perry was wearing a big white strapless dress which the strippers were moving under. It was like one of those gigantic parachute things that the whole class would play with in kindergarten. Anyways, they opened with Kettle Whistle. Perry stripped down to some red pants. He looked pretty good tonight. I saw him on TV on Muchmusic and he looked weird and had a big nose but on this night he looked like his old cool self. Dave looked like his old self, Stephen had a mohawk but didn't look really unique, and Martyn LeNoble had a shirt that simply said New York City. He had a mohawk and kind of looked like a 70's NY glam punk rocker. He looked kind of like David Bowie or Scott Weiland. The strippers were pretty damn hot, this one Asian one was moving sexy along the front of the stage and there were other strippers throughout the arena.

The sound was pretty bad and half the time you couldn't hear Perry. I remember yelling 'Speak up Perry!' I couldn't hear if there was an intro to Ocean Size but then I heard the 3...4 followed by the loud chords and so began that song. The mosh pit was a bit rowdy during Ocean Size and Ain't No Right. I almost lost my glasses and decided to move back. It didn't help that I was feeling pretty sick during the show. I felt like I was going to throw up, but luckily I didn't.

Next was Three Days. It was a pretty standard live version I guess. Perry was frolicking with the strippers during the guitar breaks. Stop was awesome and near the end when the crowd sang the acapella part along with Perry, it finally sunk in that I was seeing Jane's Addiction and that there were also so many people in Vancouver who also love them as well.

Perry had a glass of white wine which he drank out of for a lot of the show. He said he wanted to tell a story about summertime, and so the band went into Summertime Rolls. This song came complete with two strippers on a giant seesaw.

After the first six songs, the band moved to the other end of the arena to do an acoustic segment of the show. Perry now had a coon skin hat and a brown rhinestone jacket. During Jane Says, they looked pretty happy. The band was having fun and I could see Stephen trying to show Dave and Martyn what he could do on the tin-pan. They were goofing off and it was fun. Perry acknowledged all the girls and pot that is in Vancouver and they did Classic Girl. Dave and Perry did a solo song each from their new albums. I needed some water so I went to a fountain during this time and proceeded back to the first stage for the rest of the show.

The band did Up the Beach without Perry. Perry came out onto the stage at the end of the song in a glittery trenchcoat and pimp hat. They launched into Mountain Song, which was really cool. Ted, Just Admit It was very awesome because during the 'sex is violent' part, he was swinging turbulently on the circular swing, going around and around. This wowed a lot of people.

The band left and came back for an encore. The band brought some drums, which they all pounded on during Chip Away, and Perry was talking alot about pussy. In the middle of the song, he asked if it was true that Vancouver has a big heroin problem. After that song, the show ended.

It was an excellent show, despite the bad sound. Lots of spectacle. I felt really ill though, on the bus I had a headache. It was cool. I didn't get to see those girls from Kelowna after the show, but I won't forget it.