the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...
I Would For You

From Elliot--
Dave came out first, followed by Stephen. Flea was next, and Perry was last. Flea did a wonderful job, he seems like their biggest fan, now onstage... They were all together, working with eye contact and stuff. It was great! We actually had one and a half Summertime Rolls, because Perry said halfway through to start over again. Hey, I was loving all of it.
the set list was pretty much the same thing as the halloween show. perry said a few words about computers and the internet and finding tires and crop circles and all kinds of stuff. "if you cooperate, you can learn at the speed of light" it was the most wonderful thing i've ever seen.

From Tankboy--
Perry was so out of it that he had to be helped up the tower at one point...the vibe was intense at the beginning of the show as Dave kept saying "You KNOW, we'd REALLY like to play for you now." as Perry must have been lagging behind. The air of anything-can-happen danger that I was afraid might be missing from the show was up there in full effect. Perry must have spent at least half an hour on his beautiful spiels (which was a nice thing as we were treated to a 15 minute Then She Did) The show was great, and while the crowd was quite different from the last few times I'd seen Jane's (where were all the freaks?) it was still one of the best live experiences I've had.

From jdc--
The show suffered enormously from some of the worst acoustics I've ever heard. The Aragon is simply an awful place to see music. Despite that, the band was having a great time, and didn't seem distracted by the sound. Perry repeatedly took songs that were tight and hard, and turned them into long rambling backdrops for his very odd commentary. He's always been a talker, in all of the shows I've seen. But this was inexcusable. The rest of the band--Dave particularly--looked very impatient with him, and kept trying to play key change, licks or push the start or songs, to get Perry moving. Perry was singing _very_ out of key on several songs--in fact most--to the point that many people around me were searching each other's face to see if others noticed. I repeatedly wondered if he was high, since he wasn't able to sing, speak, or even walk coherently through parts of the show.
I was also pretty taken aback by the strippers, four of them to be specific, who were grinding and climbing two brass poles throughout the show. They were clearly from strip clubs, and wore sheer tops that hid nothing. I have no problem with nudity, but when the strippers were climbing all over the band members, I alternated between titillation and feeling really nauseated about the sexist show I was seeing. My girlfriend was flat out angry, and didn't understand why a band that plays such enlightened music, and has such liberating lyrics, could hire strippers to "beg" for attention at their feet while they played.
Despite all these distraction, the old Jane's still shined through in many places. Dave played, as he has every time I've seen them, like he was wrestling electric snakes on stage. He was clearly so possessed by the music that I got off just watching him move, let alone listening to his absolutely brilliant playing. It made me sad, trying to think what he could be doing (but isn't) when playing with the Chilies.
Perkins kicked ass, as always, but I had a very hard time hearing Flea. He's clearly a competent replacement for Eric, though I miss Eric's sullen intensity.

Review at ATN (Actually, it's mostly about the Pumpkins, who opened.)