Jane's Addiction, Scream 11/8/86

This was not just another local band gigging on a Saturday night. This was something special, and experience, a ritual of pagan ferocity. Jane's Addiction takes up where Led Zeppelin left off, and adds something as well. Where Led Zep would spill over into the ethereal and mystical, the Addiction plunges over into an hallucinatory world of the primitive and the obsessed. Lead singer perry warrior in the grip of some mind-searing drug, twisting, turning, jumping, moving like he was dangling on the end of a string held by some spastic puppetmaster in the sky. This band doesn't just touch out primal soul, it reaches out and grabs it, restoring our link to the primeval. As I left the club I heard more than one person mumble, "This is the best band in LA." I wouldn't place such limitations on them.
Sportscar Frank
Rocker's Report, LA weekly, 11/14-20/86

[thanks to sonny for sending this in]