the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Mike Carroll--
i was very impressed with how fast jane's came out after goldie. it usually takes an hour to an hour and a half for jane's or porno to come out, but it only took a little more than a half-hour. i don't know what all of these people are talking about when they say that perry can't hit those jane's notes anymore, what a bunch of shit! i thought he was great, and althogh flea does seem out of place, i can't see eric banging on a bass drum during chip away quite like flea! dave hasn't lost a thing, and stephen, well, stephen will always be the baddest drummer in the world! after ocean size, the beginning to ain't no right started up and all you could here was this huge fan response, and all of these people started rushing the gate on the floor!! only at a jane's show!! ya' bunch of freaks!!! after ain't no right, perry said he wanted to talk about the deceased, and they played then she did. i thought it sounded great, and during one of the solos, perry walked over to dave and started getting up in his face, and layed this huge kiss right on dave's lips!!! just like the old days! after that, perry asked everybody when the last time they had a good fuck? he then proceeded to tell everyone to be whores, while the intro to three days was played. during three days, perry and the dancers got into this crazy love triangle on the middle of the stage, but what would a perry show be without some sexy girls!? contrary to everyone's thoughts on perry's voice, i thought he did a most beautiful version of summertime rolls! his voice flowed through each and every verse, like he was actually singing the song to each individual person from his heart! when they went to the back stage, there was some kind of technical difficulty, an perry said, " well, we tried, i guess we'll have to do it accoustic." then they started playing that lovely intro to jane says, and man, let me tell me you, besides some of the feedback from perry's mic, it sounded great accoustically! after jane says, perry told everyone that man, has ruled the earth for 2000 years, and now the females are coming through, and that they're all classic girls! and, i just about lost it!!! i had never got to hear them perform classic girl before they broke up, and i feared that i never would, but i was wrong!! as jane says did, classic girl sounded beautiful accoustic! after classic girl, they started pulling out these big drums, and i didn't know what they were doing, until flea started banging out the rythym for chip away on his drum, and of course, perry's howling, which for a man who can't srike them jane's notes, sure can still howl his ass off for chip away, sounded excellent!! then they went back to the main stage, and before perry even got back to the stage, stephen had already started the drum intro to ted, just admit it. it was during that song, the final song, amidst all of the excitement, the happiness, the loving of these fans for this one band, that i realized, man perry still loves this fucking band, and man does he still love these fucking fans!!!! my only problem with the show, was some of the fans after the show were complaining, "i can't believe we payed $30.00 for a ticket, these fuckers suck!" and i was like, man if you were any kind of a jane's/porno fan, you would know that perry always cuts his shows short!!! i mean, shit, i would've payed thirty bucks just to hear classic girl!! what did these people expect, the band to come out and just play everything on the fucking albums? shit, everybody can come over to my house for thirty bucks and play the albums over and over again, for as long as they want!! this is a band i thought i would never see again, and by the grace of god, i got to come down the mountain one more time, and shit, thirty bucks is a small fee to pay, for a piece of heaven!

From Ryan Murray--
To be honest I was trying not to get my hopes up because of a lot of the stuff I'd read, and basically was just hoping that Perry would be sober enough to put on a decent show. I was right that they are not as good as they were, from what I saw in Philadelphia as far as I'm concerned they are better. To say the show was the best I've ever seen wouldn't tell the whole story because I've never seen a live band even come close to the power of this band. I hope the rumours are true about this being a test to see if the band members can get along, because if it is, I can't see any possible problem they could have had with Perry's performance that night... well, he did come in a bar early on 'Three Days' but the band didn't miss a beat. After the show ended hardly anyone had left, even after the lights were on and roadies were taking down the equipment. The venue staff had to start making people leave by telling them individually. After the show I saw a few people walking around sobbing and crying.
I hope they start adding some different songs to the mix eventually when they get comfortable, but that really didn't make any difference to me the one time I've seen them, and I doubt it will later either. It was still the most spiritually moving hour and a half of my life.
Now, to Goldie. I've read a lot of bad stuff about his performances so I have to tell you all to at least give him a chance because I thought he (they, he had many people working with him) was great. I didn't know what to expect because I heard he had a guitarist with him, which is pretty weird, but you couldn't hear him most of the time. It was actually pretty rootsy as far as drum and bass goes, except for when they had a live singer perform 'Timeless' almost in its entirety with them (!). Now, I'll admit that I am into that kind of music in the first place, but let me say that his volume was in no way out of line, and that the last thing I'd want to see before Jane's would be a mediocre rock act that Warners has packaged with them to help move more units. They (Jane's) picked Goldie specifically so that alone should convince you all to go early and give him a chance.