11/11/90 UAB arena B'ham AL review by sonny

Well this show was my first. I did try to go to other '89 appearance in b'ham but it was 21 and over and they already were packed. Anyway the show was on a Sunday. I went with some friends, which was a mistake. So I sat with my friends in the upper seats for the first band which was good(24-7 spyz). I had to go to the pit during jane's set so one person decide she would go. So we go down there to jump in the action and I couldn't. I just couldn't take my eyes off the stage. I mean there are some shows you can just listen to but I felt I had to watch this. And that is all I did and being young as I was I can not remember a single action. Just totally in awe of this amazing band. I thought it was enough just to hear jane's addiction but it is not and if you have not seen them live then you have not totally experienced this experience called jane's addiction..

Here is some junk my local paper wrote. I will only include the descriptions of the show.
At it's show Sunday night at UAB arena, jane's addiction gave doses of both sides of its personality. There were moments of brilliance and electricity running headlong into periods of ennui and "Oh, c'mon guys. Get over it."
Fortunately for the sellout crowd of 4,200, there were many more good moments than bad. Like a stimulating aphrodisiac, jane's addiction gave a show packed with powerful allure and impossible to resist.
The band mostly steered away from its more self-indulgent material, namely the second side of its latest release. And, of the two songs played from that side "three days" and "then she did" the overblown aspects of the songs were played down. "three days" a 10-minuter opus, did get a bit hard to swallow in the middle third, with things descending into mindless musical bedlam. But the furious drumming of stephen perkins and david navaro's brilliant guitar work pulled the fat from the fire.
The band scorched through its hard rocking material, including stunning versions of "stop!" and the frenetic "been caught stealing." "ocean size," which featured perkins playing steel drums,(huh! I don't remember that) retained its powerful full-speed-ahead-slam-on-brakes tempo, but "ain't no right" became a bit overwrought. Dressed ambiguously in a clear plastic miniskirt and the black patent leather pants and shirt, farrell was mesmerizing. He danced; he slithered; the strutted and pranced. He also talked to the crowd and actually seemed concerned that they have a good time. They did, singing along to almost every song.
The concert was a vast improvement over the band's last trip to b'ham, when its show at the nick in '89 was downright pathetic. The band played only 40m and farrell acted like the jerk of the world, trashing alabama right and left.
Farrell apparently didn't remember that last trip, or chose to ignore it. Near the beginning of the show. He praised b'ham for being the starting point for the "equal rights movement." Probably he meant "civil rights movement" but his message was at least friendly and positive.