the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Mike Pegelow--
It was a perfect night to see an outdoor show. The security was really tight, metal detectors and all, there was no chance to get recording equipment in. They moved back the entrance at Bayfront so that the gates could not be rushed. I was very pleased with the show, i just wish they would play all of the songs that they havn't played yet, especially slow divers or kettle whistle. There was too much singing along at the show, Perry's voice was drowned out especially during the acoustic songs. This show was pretty tame compared to other shows I've seen at bayfront. It was almost as if the crowd was undeserving at some points. No one would leave after the Ted, but it was quite obvious that they weren't going to do an encore. It was kind of abrupt to end to show with Ted just becasue they were all jamming so hard that it seemed like it would never end. People were complaining about being ripped off, but everyone knows Jane's shows are short. The $30 must be going to all of the stage decorations and dancers that they have which are a triper's dream. Perry talked about the truth after ain't no right, then went off on eternity, the earth's core and burning bridges before stop. Perry paused right before the crowd part in Stop, which kinda of threw people off, but all the drunks were yelping away anyways. Before 3 days he talked about business as usual, and hanging out, and 'doing what we like to do'. Somebody yelled 'you suck' at the end of 3 days and perry told him that he knew nothing because he didn't see Jane's in their prime. Mt. song was dedicated to the people in front. Summertime started off with only Perkins, then Perry went to a tower to sing. When the band walked to the acoustic stage Perry chanted "kindness" through the mic to keep the crwod from mauling him. He said that he can't tackle Barry Sanders, but he sure can sing. Perry and Perkins had their own little jam during the band intros. I don't know why Flea got the loudest ovation, but to each his own. Perry said that he was looking for a girlfriend, but he wants to have a baby. He also went off on how companies control us.

From Jason--
I attended the Miami show and I must admit the boys still got it. Bayfront is an exellent venue set in the heart of downtown Miami, however everyone who was lucky enough to sit on the benches decided to stand up for the whole show on top of the seats. The problem was if you were close to the stage you could'nt see around just straight ahead. Perry was a bit muffled out by the bass, but he sang his heart out. Perry talked about seeing Jane's in their prime and I must agree it was'nt quite as good. Any Jane's show I have ever gone too had a feeling of danger. This was like going to a rock funeral. I am greatful to have heard them live one last time, but to charge people $30 for an hours worth of music is bullshit!!!!!!!!

A little note: the soundcheck included "Had a Dad" (w/o Perry).
Another little note: I heard that U2 and Henry Rollins came to see the show.