the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...

From Mike Gaboury--
The anticipation of this show had been building for weeks and now that it's over, it was worth it. The theater that the show was at was brand new (this was the third show) and the acoustics are incredible. 'Ocean Size' built the crowd up to an instant frenzy which seemed to get a bit overboard at times. Perry's chants of "Kindness. Kindness," seemed to confuse most people, not knowing what to expect. When he climbed the tower for 'Summertime Rolls' I was mesmerized. The acoustic set on the second stage was equally impressive. One negative thing is that Perry was admittedly tired. "We had a pretty good time in Atlanta, but the wine man is here now," and he proceeded to turn up a good bottle of Cabernet. Another thing is that the show seemed to just end. The crowd hung around for about 15 minutes after 'Ted' waiting for the encore that would never come. All in all, the show was well worth the $30. I thought I would never get to see them again, and am glad that I did.