the setlist...
Ocean Size
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Three Days
Mountain Song
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says
Classic Girl
Chip Away
Ted, Just Admit It...
I Would For You

From Keith Bielamowicz--
I got to see Jane's in both Houston & Dallas. I drove 600 miles roundtrip to the shows. First off let me say Goldie was way better than I thought they would be; in Houston the crowd seemed to like them OK, but in Dallas, forget it--the crowd booed and that pissed them off. Dallas fans are lame that way booing and all. Temper Temper Temper Tem-Per.
The crowd in Houston was hyped and the brand new Bayou Place is just right great sound and size. Buzzed as usual, Perry rapped and rhymed intros to most songs--talking about the wine man and whatnot. But one bad rap was just as they were about to play "Chipaway." He told the crowd how much he would like a BIG SHOT OF COCAINE. That was a bit odd seeing as drugs are a sore spot in the break up of Jane's. I mean he went on and on about a big shot of cocaine and that making him want to fuck all nite. Flea and Dave seemed to laugh it off. One pretty cool rap was about how many answers there are to questions--like yes and no, maybe, left and right, up/down...on and on. All this leading into the idea of answers going on for "Three Days." At the end of "Ted...Just Admit It" the guys fled the stage and slowly we all started clapping and hooting for an encore for like 15-20 minutes after the roadies were tearing down the stage. But no encore, no goodnite.
In Dallas, my hometown, I really was not looking forward to the show being better than Houston because they played in an arena where the rodeo is held--thankfully the smell of cowshit was gone. But the place is still a concrete barn. I saw the Beastie Boys there and the sound sucked hard. Goldie sounded really great as we walked down on the floor--so things were looking up from the get go. I don't know but as soon as the guys took the stage I knew this nite was going to be way better than Houston. They ripped through "Oceansize" and "Ain't No Right." Perry said tonite was for the young and a place of love as the intro to "Then She Did." The nite was for the young as long as we didn't "Stop!" Then it was time to rap about time. Time to stink. Time to drink. Time to think. Going on for days and then he started talking about 1967 and 1976 and going back and forth for "Three Days." Dave must have cut himself during his blistering solo because Perry inspected Dave's finger and said the next Jenny Jones show would talk about people who try too hard and hurt themselves. He introduced "Moutain Song" talking about time, forgiveness and sharing. These two songs were fantastic both nites. When the guys made their way to the small stage I positioned myself to be next to the steps and the crowd surged forward and in a slow motion flash they were on the stage. Dave bent over the rail several times to touch the girls up on their boyfriends' shoulders. "Chipaway" was absolutely incredible (in Houston I was crushed by the crowd and couldn't enjoy it). Great song, as were "Jane Says" and "Classic Girl." "Ted...Just Admit It" was just as great as "Mountain Song" and "Three Days." I was not expecting an encore so we waited cheering for an encore for about ten minutes and decided to leave. As we left the barn/arena we saw everyone going back in. We raced back inside to catch a backstage view of "I Would For You" from Dave and Perry. This was fucking incredible the house lites were up and it was just Dave and Perry. I was covered in chill bumps just like I was when they played their last encore in Dallas way back in 1991 thinking that was the last time I would see Perry and Dave on the same stage. Thank God I was mistaken. The Dallas show killed. That was my sixth time to see Jane's and close to being as good as when I first saw them in 1990 when they still played "Whores" and "One Percent."

From Jason Nichols--
I flew to Dallas from Raleigh, N.C. to see Jane's Addiction for the third time and I must say that it was worth every mile. I used to work in a concert venue so I have seen over 200 concerts of all types of music, but this was definitely one of the best I've been to. All four of the guys seemed like they were really into it and having a great time. Perry was either sober or had just enough of a buzz to make him really happy. His singing was terrific and he talked to the crowd frequently which everyone loved of course.
I was also very impressed with the whoever was in charge of the sound. The music was loud but not deafening and the channels were set so you could easily hear each instrument and distinguish one from the other, as well as Perry's vocals. Everything sounded great despite being in an arena that was clearly not designed with acoustics in mind.
When the band left the stage after Ted, just admit it... I was surprised that the crowd made very little noise. After a brief recording of Dorothy singing, "Over the Rainbow" the house lights came on. From my years working concert security I have been trained that that means the show is over so I was ready to leave. Thankfully a guy I was with suggested that we hang around in case they came back out. A few minutes after the lights came on everyone who wasn't headed for the door started cheering and a few minutes after that, Dave and Perry came back on stage. After talking for a minute or two and Perry asking whoever stole his monitor to return it, the two sang "I Would for You" as Stephen and Flea looked on from the side of the stage. After that, Perry introduced the band, they danced around the stage a little and had a group hug. That was pretty exciting because it indicates that they are getting along and will hopefully add more dates to the tour. If so, maybe they'll come to North Carolina and save me the airfare, because I would definitely try to see them again.