These are Perry quotes from Jane's show at the Ritz in New York, November 20, 1990. (the show after the "riot show" in Philly)

Spoken by Perry during the intro to "Ted"...
"Hey, guess what happened to us last night. We were involved in a riot. It's nothing that we caused or anything, it was a result of a bad mood. Now they wanna say that just because we were in a bad mood, we caused a riot. And so to prove to them that it wasn't really a bad mood that caused that riot, we're gonna leave you now. I'm sorry I have to do this. But if I don't leave and prove that you won't riot when we leave, they'll never know that there couldn't possibly be any reason to blame us for the riot. So good night and thank you very much."
(a few seconds go by)
"See, it wasn't us! You guys didn't riot. Well, maybe because you're bigger pussies than Philadelphia, but I don't know what it was. Nah nah nah nah, you're just more educated, more culturally aware. You've got more museums than they do. But your head is just as soft when it hits concrete."

Perry after "Ted"...
"No, it's not NWA. It's Jane's Addiction!"
(then Dave play at little bit of a NWA riff.)

Perry after "Had a Dad"...
"Oh, it's easy after fuckin' years."

During the "Pigs" middle...
"Do a lot of you live within this city? How many? [crowd cheers] That's about less than half, you know. I'm just telling you. You gotta be pretty gritty to live inside of this city. How do you take a bath? I just go into the fuckin' ocean, man, it's simple. Fuck me? Hey, I'm not forcing you to live here. Don't get mad at me. I was born here, bro. Fuck you. I'll knock you out and your mother. My mother was burried in this soil, I'll knock your fuckin' face in. Yeah, it means something to me. Because New York is where everybody came first. Some of us left. My family stayed. This is where everybody came. So when you think you're protecting New York give me a fuckin' break, because you ain't from here either. You're an immigrant just like I am. And I could give a shit."

Singing in the middle of Been Caught Stealing...
"We left that money, back in Philadelphia.
We left that money, we said 'Shove it up your ass.'
We left that money, back in Philadelphia.
We left that money, we said 'Shove it up your ass.'"

During the intro to "Summertime Rolls"...
"Take your fuckin' jacket. I may steal, but I only do it for the sport of it. I don't need nothing from none of ya. You got funky businessmen in this town. A bunch of crooks. They can take all the money they want from me. I curse it. I curse it on them. They touch my money, they're gonna get a disease. Called Perry Farrell. It's a bad fuckin' disease, man. It's Jane's Addiction.
You wanna see how much money we make? You wanna bet I don't give a shit to hang on to none of it? You wanna bet I get what I want? I don't need a fuckin' leather jacket."